Monday, November 3, 2008

Now what is foremost in my Christmas to do list? Oh right. I need money so I need to make a decision. Help me with this. I have been offered a job that would entail me to leave the comfort of my home and computer and actually make me "work" for a living. The job is designing booths, kiosk, signages and revamp of MRT stations. The job would eventually see me overseeing constructions from 10:00 4:00 A.M. I still don't know how much my compensation will be. My "set" life will be totally disrupted. It means leaving Ethan to the care of a nanny. I don't know what to do. I need the money but....
Posted by desperateblogger On 11/03/2008 07:42:00 AM 12 comments


  1. You know what, i realized Ethan is not the only lucky person in your family! I realized Ethan's mom is pretty lucky to have you! My life has been put on hold when Peaches came because I had to be there for her. I wouldn't want a nanny to take care of Peaches, but my Mom's not here and my MIL is still working.

    Now about your dilemma, since it comes down to needing funds for Ethan, I say go and work. IF IF IF the pay is good and worth it.

  2. Hi db mom,its a matter of priorities....what are your priorities? make a list from 1 to 10 then you go from there.

    take care,

  3. Ang hirap naman! I honestly wouldn't know what to do. But knowing you, I'm sure you will come up with the right decision.

    Maybe you can give it a try? Can you quit if it doesn't work? hahaha...quitting agad ang iniisip ko, noh? Mahirap kasi yung 'what if'....if it does not work out, at least you gave it a try, di ba?

    Like I said: Ang hirap naman. Ask Ethan...hehe. Kidding lang....


  4. I forgot to add....nice layout/template. Kaya pala di ako makapasok dito eh eh may renovation na nangyayari. Nice color combo...


  5. huling and renz: i've been praying hard for the right answer. sometimes, there are slights that make me think that " ay hindi yata ako dapat mag work" or "ay dapat yata ako mag work". these past 3 days, i've been praying that something really "in your face" would happen to let me really decide what to do. what do yon know? lumayas mga maids ko! i guess the answer is "not now. later"

    naloko si ladyjava sa pag tweak ng template ko. ang dami ko kasing specs. pero, ok ano? i like it as i specified autumn colors with matching samplers even for the font. LJ was able to do what I asked for.

  6. huling: i already told ethan that there's a possibility that I might go to work. he said " what about me mom? who will take care of me?"

    why do we have to make decisions?

  7. about Ethan's question, maybe we should be upfront and tell him you needed to work and it's all for him. You won't be totally gone, just a lesser time with you.

  8. Funny how that works noh? You pray for an 'on your face' answer to your prayers...then boom! On your face talaga....

    Things have a funny way of working out and I'm sure na something else will come up if you're not able to take on that job.


  9. If it's meant to be it's meant to be. =_+

  10. huling and renz: ay buhay parang life! ganun yata talaga. maybe the job was not meant to be o kaya baka later pa. I've thought it over very carefully and the one who will be most affected, aside from ethan, is his mommy. she's doing residency and i can't very well take on a career - even if it means money - to the detriment of my daughter's. unahin muna residency sya. the Lord will provide. di ba?

  11. DAKILANG INA in the houuuseeee!!!!

    you could stand next to my mom standing next to Rizal =_=

    Will I be like you when my time comes?

  12. renz: bihirang ina ang ang hindi martir! lol! ganyan ka rin pag laki ni peaches.


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