Monday, November 24, 2008

Old golf clubs and broken golf bags rained on me as I opened the door to the basement storage closet. My gosh! There probably are hundred of tees and old useless golf balls in the big box marked "Golf: do not touch". Well, as I'm not into following orders that don't include "please", I opened the box and found a colony of ants residing inside. Excuse me ants, but you just have to leave.

Cleaning up the clutter in the storage closet proved to be tasking. There were a lot of stuff pertaining to my husband's amateur Golf career. Some trophies and plaques are still stacked in one corner. There were brochures of golf sets and fairways here and abroad. I have learned some things about golfing in the years that my hubby was active. I was even coached on the game. I endured many sessions at the driving range. I wanted to exchange places with the guy on the golf cart collecting the golf balls - Seemed more fun. I just don't have "it" as I prefer active sports - sweating and running. Golf is a gentleman's game.

My husband's favorite brand is Ping. Umm.. I wonder how much a Ping driver costs now. Maybe I could gift hubby this Christmas. I googled Ping and out came a German site www. The site claims to be the biggest German golf shop and offers different brands of golf clubs, bags and other accessories. You can even see the latest scores and profiles of who's who in the golf scene. If you're in Germany or are planning to visit, the golf club at Gut Ising is a must see for golf enthusiasts. The club is the biggest center that offers golf lessons in Bavaria. I know it's my hubby's wish to play golf abroad. Who knows? Next year?

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