Friday, November 14, 2008

It's the middle of November and I still have not done or at least conceptualized or dreamt about or envisioned my Christmas decorations. What will my color motif be? Duh?! Red and Green! I know. I know. But it has been my whim and style to pick out a non-traditional color motif for my Christmas tree. The tree will be green ( of course ) but I want the decors to be different. Last year I had burnt sienna, maroon, gold, and old rose for my color motif. I love those colors. Warm and regal. I guess I'll just keep the colot motif so as to save on Christmas trimmings and what-nots. I wanted to add strung popcorn and candy cane in my tree last year but my girls were against it.

"Mom, you're in tropical Philippines not in any temperate country. The popcorn will attract ants. The candy canes will melt and the ants will have a field day", said one of the wicked anti-popcorn- and- candy- cane daughters.

Sometimes I wish I migrated to the US like my brother. Then I could have done trick or treating to my heart's content and hang all the popcorn and candy cane in my tree.

I was looking over some tree decors the other day and I felt sure the lady beside me heard me exclaimed "wtf" when I saw the price of one sprig of decor. It was priced at 125 Php a piece! For my Christmas tree to look full and beautiful, I need about 40-50 pcs of decorations. Translate that to 5,000 -6250 Php! Ah... has to happen, no matter what.
Posted by desperateblogger On 11/14/2008 09:51:00 AM 2 comments


  1. i bought a 3 ft tall Christmas tree to save money on decoration :)

  2. hey ives! i was thinking of just using walis tingting.... after the season, i can use it even. cheap ano?! hope you're well and good. say hi to dex.

    oh wow, you've a blog na pala. why dogbaby?


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