Monday, November 17, 2008

Ha? Am I one? If you ask those who "got in my way" ages ago, they'd probably say yes. But my question has no implications on my past. It dwells on the present. First of all, I am not the cutesy-tootsie kind who blogs cutesy-tootsie stuff. I do not suck up to people just for the sake of being in their good graces. I definitely say things as it is, but not as much as when I was younger. I have mellowed (at least I'd like to think that I have). I am not afraid to claim that I am against same-sex marriages. I do not dilly-dally in concerns that a "gay" friend or acquaintance or fellow blogger might get offended with my views. Let me lay it straight. I am against "same sex marriage" and not against gays. I am not homophobic as I have gay friends too. Anyway, this post has nothing to do with same sex marriages. I'd just like to know, dear readers, if you think I'm a bitch or bitchy. Why the question? Here's why.

I usually read the articles of the blogs I visit. Sometimes I find articles that are interesting and I comment on the post. One time, I commented on a blog. The comment was actually a question but the owner of the blog chose not to publish my question. I forgot what the question was. That was months ago. A few days ago I found an interesting post on that same blog about the wonders of a certain fruit. I again left a question and here it is: Can I use calamansi instead as oranges are expensive?. The question was not published too so my question was not answered. Another blog showed a video of a baby who died. Oh there were countless comments like words of consolation and condolences. I, naturally, also expressed my condolences but also asked this question: the baby looked fine and healthy, why did she die? Again, the question was not published and therefore not answered.

Were my questions bitchy or insensitive or improper? Or. Were my questions just overlooked? Or. Am I PMS-ing and just feeling like an over-sensitive-bitch?
Posted by desperateblogger On 11/17/2008 06:24:00 PM 7 comments


  1. I don't think you are, honestly...

  2. I bet they all have different reasons for not publishing your queries.

  3. Nah....and I know you. Not sure why they don't publish your questions/comments. I'm guessing, the blogger didn't know the answer to the question?[@organge/calamansi] Yung isa, hmm...not sure.

    But to answer your're far from being a b....


  4. ninang, you definitely tell it as you see it. you express your opinion and belief with conviction. if it is received as being a bitch, then so be it. there is no point in changing the way you are just to be "nice" if that is not you. Re: your q's, super harmless kaya!

  5. Ako din laging biktima ng ganito.Hehehe. Albeit your story is different from mine since I always comment negatively.

    There's this one celebrity blog I came across recently. He wrote about some pathetic things about not being invited by the party of this person to not being nominated from an award giving body.

    I said its pathetic na halungkatin nya yung mga issues from the past (imagine, he confronted an actor about not being invited sa isang party which happened a year ago).

    I saw it published but to my surprise, the next day wala na yung comment ko and only the good ones (bola comments) were left.

  6. True. Andaming "selective" bloggers. Pina-publish lang nila ang mga comments na makaka-inflate ng ego nila. Baka hindi nila pinublish yung comment kasi walang halong pambobola :)

  7. janjie: thank you for thinking otherwise.=)

    renz: siguro nga they have their reasons.

    huling: siguro nga hindi alam ang sagot.

    ivy: you know me. i don't dilly-dally. but sometimes, people don't understand my being direct. ang pinoy kasi may sakit na "paki" at "pwede".

    domjullian: lol! pa cute naman nun! feeling pa! madami talagang taong ganyan, gusto sya lang nag sikat.

    herson: ay ako naman ay marunong pumuri sa mga dapat purihin. ngayon, kung walang kapuri-puri sa isang tao eh bakit ko naman sya pupurihin?

    anyway, my question to the other blog could have hit some sensitive nerve. the thing the author should have not blogged such a sensitive subject. kaya...ayon....


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