Friday, January 30, 2009

Today is my first year anniversary in blogging!
Yippee!! Here's a re-post of my very first article.

Don't you just hate it when people post pictures that are not interesting at all.........where the contents are grotesque faces, distorted limbs, awkward poses and ( hay naku, pardon me) "feeling" beautiful faces.

With the proliferation of social networking there comes an avalanche of digi-photos in the net. Armed with their phone cameras and 2 pixel digi cams, these wannabes click to their hearts' content... without thought, without fear, without reservation and yes!!... pictures without composition..., dear Juans and Juanas... there are such things as composition, balance, symmetry, focal point, light and shadow, etc., etc. in taking pictures. you might want to read up on the topic or simply google it for you to learn the basics of photography.

Pictures are for posterity... a record of history... an account of your life in stills... why do you choose to photographically record yourself as fantastically ugly and bizarre? Why always the EMO face and attitude? For those who are clueless regarding Emo, it is a broad title that covers a lot of different styles of emotionally-charged punk rock.

I seldom have my picture taken for I want to project the best of me everytime I have a photo taken.That way, I will always be remembered as oozing with the true Filipina essence of femininity and grace.( ahahahhaha ) Even if I am not beautiful, with a great photograph, I can be.

So please, refrain from posting pictures that are not pleasing. You might think that projecting an emo attitude and face is cool....yeah. maybe. sometimes. But to always posture as one? Pleeeeeeeeease......

or..... I might as well stop browsing other people's social network sites..............
Posted by desperateblogger On 1/30/2009 07:07:00 PM 15 comments


  1. Hi Mom Lena! Musta na po? Its me, sheng yung kasama ni cielo nung interview nyo sa sweet life..... May award po ako sa inyo! And Happy Anniversary in Blogging!!!

  2. happy anniversary ms lena! ang taray ng first post! hehe! ^_^

  3. Happy Anniversary. Kung nandyan lang ako sama ako sa lakwatsa bukas. Enjoy!!!

  4. Isang tao ng dinudugo ang ilong mo?? Hahaha....maligayang bati sa iyong blowg! Woo's to many years of nose-bleeding...este blogging pala....

    Papunta na ko dyan for the coffee meet-up!


  5. Happy Anniversary Ms. Lena ^_^
    All the best for you both :)

  6. GJ more power to u and ur blog. :)

  7. thank you! thank you! here's to another year of wracking my brains out for topics to write or rant or rage about!

    i thank you all for the time and support you've spared!


  8. wow I decided to return back to blogging just at the right time.

    Happy anniversary! I hope you are having a great weekend!!:-)

  9. WOW, congratulations!
    Happy Anniversary! keep it going Lena!

  10. Congratulations and on to another great year. With lots of money and good things coming your way.

  11. congratulation!! you made it...kung ako yan baka one month lang ayaw ko na..hehe, my wish is more blogs!

  12. How was the coffee meet-up? I was just in Wena's blog and she mentioned you're doing a double celebration? Wow....hay...kakainggit! Hopefully yung unang tagay nyo ng kape eh hindi kayo nalapnos...akin yun di ba? Haha...

    Enjoy the weekend.


  13. dear everyone. 4 people canceled out yesterday. it was alright for they all had valid reasons. nevertheless, the three who came really made my day as we had so much fun talking!

  14. i was one of those who cancelled. :( nahihiya nga ako sayo eh. abangan ko lang ang photos na isesend ni mike...

    Happy Anniversary po ulit!



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