Sunday, January 4, 2009

A year ago, Ethan suddenly started showing some real nasty rashes on his arms and legs. I thought they were caused by some ailment. As I looked closely at the rashes I realized they were not rashes at all but bites! What bit Ethan? I took him to a doctor and it was diagnosed that the rashes were indeed insect bites. Nasty insects - bedbugs! But my house is bedbugs free, or so I thought. It seems that bedbugs can get into your house by clinging to ones clothes. They can also crawl into luggage when traveling and then get carried back into your home. I'd settle for the later. My son traveled to a remote area days before and the "culprit" luggage was sitting in my bedroom.It so happened that Ethan was highly allergic to the bites that it took more than month and a lot of medications for his bites to clear.

Bedbugs are nasty. It is better to check your house for signs of bedbugs. What are the signs? First and foremost, bites! If you have unexplained bites once you get up from bed, then there's reason to suspect. Bedbugs are good at hiding and they prefer nooks and crannies of furniture and beds. They can even hide out in curtains and linens. Check out for bed bug control guide and information. Regarding my bedbug infested bed, I threw it out!

Posted by desperateblogger On 1/04/2009 12:48:00 PM 2 comments


  1. Those bites can really be nasty little buggers for sure. I am down with a flu bug lol. Hope all is well now.

  2. jenai: treating the bug bites cost me a ton. i even had to buy a new bed. thanks for the dropping by.


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