Saturday, January 10, 2009

After the December holidays, what is there to look forward to aside from Valentine's day? The JS Prom! Promenade. In case you still don't know it, Prom as in JS Prom means promenade. What's promenade? Isn't that a dance step in ballroom dancing specially in the Latin dance category? Promenade literally means to walk, stroll: used as a noun it means a walkway or path. Corollary, a JS Promenade is a Junior-Senior Walk or Strut (if I may say so). The better meaning is: a march of guests into a ballroom constituting the opening of a formal ball. Where did this yearly-highly-anticipated-costly tradition originated? What is the rationale behind?

The tradition had its origin in late 19th century. The term JS Prom is derived from promenade ball which came from the academic year-end graduation ball observed in North America and England. The British counterpart of the prom is Valedictory Ball, Leavers' Ball, or Leavers' Dinner. In the U.S., a separate ball is sometimes held for the juniors who are finishing 11th grade and for the seniors who are finishing middle school.

In most Asian countries, proms are observed sometime between February and March. In the West, such events are observed as the school year ends sometime in June. One thing common among all juniors and seniors the world over before the prom and is the mad rush to get the perfect prom dresses.

Most moms are even more excited to share to their daughters' their ideas on prom dresses and prom advice. Proms are observed ever religiously and mothers go out of their way to drape their daughters with the “best” prom dresses their money can buy. Sons have themselves fitted for suits or tuxedos too. It is not an easy feat to “survive” a prom. Shopping for a prom dress has never been that easy as now. A lot of online stores are having year end sales on this year's evenings and formals and there are those out with their prom dresses line.

Check out www.promgirl. net. It is never too early to browse and see the different styles of ball gowns and dresses available online. I have four daughters who all went to their JS Proms. Believe me when I say it was sheer hell picking out the right gowns for them. I had to have their gowns custom-made as there were no suitable gowns available then. I checked out the site's prom dresses Jovani and I just love the classic line and prints of Jovani. What or who is to stop me from getting one for myself? The creations are lovely and appropriate to wear for any formal function too.

Posted by desperateblogger On 1/10/2009 10:35:00 AM 1 comment

1 comment:

  1. how interesting i have never knew about the JS Promenade...i totaly agree with you, my daugter is soo excited to go to prom and so am i and i found her beatiful prom dress from Elegant Mart, i cant wait til she wears it in June


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