Thursday, January 29, 2009

There was a lot of scurrying about the hallway two nights ago. I could detect several bare feet tip-toeing about the hallway outside my bedroom. The girls! I can even hear their suppressed giggling. The land line rang one time then immediately stopped. It was 10:15 P.M. No one calls the land line this time of the night as we all have mobile phones - good for late-night texting. I know each of my girl's walk and I was pretty sure that it was daughter #4 who was the busiest running about the hallway then up and down the stairs. I thought no more of it and watched Slumdog Millionaire in DVD.

I came home late last night. I was with Ethan, daughters 1 and 3. We came from Ethan's eye doctor's appointment. It was only 8:30 P.M but the whole house was unlit. Chuck was giving its best barking to death! I opened the side door to the dining room with the rest of my party several feet behind me. Dang! No light! FLASH! Was that a camera? The dining room lights were suddenly turned on and this was what I saw.

No it's not a rug. It's Chip, a Shih Tzu. My kids decided to give me an early birthday gift. I must have mentioned that it's what I want for a gift sometime ago. Daughter #4 went out of her way to look for the perfect tri-color breed and she did. I don't know how much it cost but all the kids chipped-in. They said that they won't be giving me a gift for the next couple of years at least. Thank kids! That was such a nice surprise.

Posted by desperateblogger On 1/29/2009 06:28:00 PM 8 comments


  1. advance happy birthday!!!! :)

  2. WoW! They were able to pull one on you ha? Ka cute!!!! The girls & boys did a good job!

    Lapit na pala bertdey mo? Advance happy bertdey! Wish ko....sana manalo ka na as lotto para makapag kape na na lang ata ang pag asa natin hirap ng buhay parang ang hirap ipunin ng pamasahe.....hehehe....

    Seriously, wish ko sa iyo eh long healthy life....and a PR 6!! O di va? I don't want to push it so 6 will be ok..


  3. @ renz: lol. thanks! but my birthday is in march.

    @ cherry: thanks again. it's on march 11 pa.

    @ huling: ay nako. magdilang anghel ka sana sa pagtama sa lotto! the moment i do, pati si m and e, isama na rin sa kapehan.

    PR6? wow! dami na ng opps nun na tig $1! lol. ano ba yon. ppp is retaining the ridiculously low-priced opps daw with $2 as minimum.

  4. Advanced happy bday!!! ang cute naman!

    March ka pala. 2 sisters ko march 10, saktong 2 years ang gap nila :)

  5. happy birthday lena! more more and more puppies, i mean, blessings to come :)

    take care friend! stay lookin good :)

  6. @ wena: really! ang galing ah!

    @ blessedmom: thanks! lol i will try to always look good! hugs to the cuties.

  7. sobrang advance gift yan ha. cute!


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