Friday, January 9, 2009

Chuck, our 7-month-old choco lab is super hyper. He usually stays in the kitchen but lately was banished to the house terrace outside. He is so hyper that everything he sees, he eats. I tried to take away all chewable things near him in the kitchen but what do you know? He chewed on the paint walls! The other day, he chewed on the water dispenser. Last week, he chewed on the range knobs. Everyday, he chews on any slippers left within his reach. I swear that if Chuck was a human kid, he'd be diagnosed with ADHD. He's contented to stay at the terrace. He's comfortable there. However if he hears anyone inside the house, he immediately goes by the window and begs to be let in. Here he is begging his "mommy" to let him in. The mommy did, of course.
Posted by desperateblogger On 1/09/2009 08:32:00 AM 7 comments


  1. ahh so cute! sana kami dinpwede alaga nang dog!

  2. don't worry ms lena, the chewing thing is just a phase. try using kalamansi, maybe that will stop him. heheh! ^_^

  3. yup, it's just a phase. i just hope it won't last long. yun aso namin di tumigil hangga't di nya naubos yun sofa =)

  4. Naku ang cute. Parang nagmamakaawa....

    Asong may ADHD....hahaha. Alam mo I've read somewhere na may mga aso daw na nag po prozac? Ano ba yun? I don't know if that's true or not. Malamang totoo...


  5. eMz: sana matapos na yong phase! sira na garden ko at kitchen wall. pati yong chairs sa terrace pina repair ko na.

    cherry: binigyan ko nga ng sabaw ng sinigang na may sili, nagustuhan pa e.

    huling: lol. i also read about dogs with adhd who are taking prozac. totoo nga siguro.

  6. cute ni puppy chuck! :) we have a choco lab too.sofie is her name...makulit din pero so urs, mahilig mag-chew ng kung anu-ano...she even chewed our wood railings kya we really need to have it repaired ...tapos we have a jack russell terrier na isa ring terrorist hehehe! doble sakit ulo! :)nyways, still a puppy they say...they'll outgow it pero taon ang bibilangain hehee :)

    take care friend! :)

  7. blessedmom: grabe ano? taking care of puppies is a handful too. my puppy ate my plants the other day. when i saw what happened i got mad. you know what my puppy did? he extended his paw as to shake hands with me as i taught him the trick already.


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