Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saying "yes" for a guesting stint at QTV's Sweet Life did not take much prodding.

"Mom! Just say yes!" said daughter # 3

"Mom, you've arrived." daughter # 2 added

"Mom! I'll tag along." quipped daughter # 4.

After Googling the show and the names of the persons who e-mailed me, I finally texted the mobile phone number in one of the e-mails. So, everything was set. I was to come on January 12, 8:00 P.M. at Channel 7 Studios for the taping. I was to wear something casual and please do not eat as there'll be a buffet at the set and an artist to do your makeup, said Eric, the show's researcher. I told my daughters to keep the guesting bit hush-hush until the taping was done.

Crap! EDSA was at it's usual traffic. I left the house at 6:15 P.M. and traffic was light up until the flyover going to Rockwell. Daughters 3 and 4 and I crawled our way up to Greenhills flyover and barely made it to the 8:00 P.M. call. I met another mom blogger, Cielo of Brown Pinay. She was also guesting the show. The segment writer, Real, asked us a few questions relating to our blogs. He said he found our blogs through Google. The segment, he said, was about parenting blogs. Huh? Whaddah? My blog is a hodge-podge of topics and articles!

Anyway, by 9:30 P.M., Snowhite, the make-up artist, started to do me. Look at my transformation. Seems like I was Adobe photoshopped.

By 10:30 P.M. Lucy and Wilma were done with their dinner and change-dress and were all set to continue with the taping. I was introduced to Lucy and was dumbstruck by her beauty. She was gorgeously-awesomely-flawlessly-beautiful. She was kind and very soft-spoken too. Now, I truly understand why Richard Gomez left me for her.

In the picture are daughter # 3, moi, best bud Lucy, daughter #4 and best bud Wilma. My daughters are about 5'5" without heels and I was wearing 3"-heels. Still Lucy and Wilma towered over us. They were both wearing ultra 4" high heels. My girls and I are quite fair but beside Lucy, we were Indios!

Having interacted with Lucy Torres and Wilma Doesnt, I can truthfully say that these two are so down-to-earth and without the usual "air" of celebrities. The two balances the show: Lucy as the straight and serious host; Wilma, as the light relief but nonetheless, highly intelligent and well-informed like Lucy.

I wish I was given at least a week to prior to the taping. It would have done me good if I lost some weight first. Just look at my tummy! The holiday gluttony was still evident.

The taping was done by 11:45 P.M. We bid our goodbyes and set off to go home. I was told that my segment will be shown on January 21 at 5:00 P.M. at QTV on channel 11.
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  1. wowoweeeee!!!! i'm proud of you. how did it go? post mo naman dito kasi i don't have access sa gma.

    you look so pretty or shall i say prettier after make up.

  2. its nice to meet you and your equally pretty daughters.....

    if ever you will get a chance to tape it, pahingi naman po ng copy, nasa office kasi me sa airing...thankies

  3. congratulations on this latest achievement mommy :)

  4. shiela: my girls said the interview went fine. i was my usual daldal self daw. i'll see if i could post it here.

    cielo: nice to have met you too, including your mom and shehan. i don't know how i could tape the episode as hindi na uso VHS! i'll ask my girls to think on how to.

    enchie: thanks! =)

  5. Woo hoo....autograph naman dyan! Nung makita ko yung picture nyo ni Cielo sa blog nya ang tagal kong tinitigan kasi parang ikaw na hindi ikaw...hahaha....

    San ka kaya susunog mag guest? Hmmm...TV Patrol? meron pa ba nun?


  6. huling: hahha... artista na ko! grabe yong transformation ng face ko parang in-adobe!

    i've a standing invitation to guest at 89.9 fm radio. sige na nga. pagbigyan ko na rin.

    hindi ko alam kung may tv patrol pa eh. as in, i don't watch tv kasi!

  7. Hanep! Sosyal ka naman masyado Lena, pa-taping taping ka na lang ngayong ah! :)

  8. wow! blogger on TV! Congratulations! You look great :)

  9. Weeeeeee!!! gravah na to Ma'am Lena! astigin ka na! hohohoh..sana pala nag pa greet ako lol.

    Congrats! you look awesome! and your girls are artistahin!

  10. wow! minsan lang akong bumisita sa site mo nakagugulat, whoa! grabe hindi na maabot ang beauty mo ha! congratulation! you deserve to be there.....

  11. LOL at "Now, I truly understand why Richard Gomez left me for her."

    Congrats, Mommy!

  12. @ splice: hindi naman....konti lang.=)

    @ anna: thanks. make-up can do wonders.

    @ renz: thanks renz. no chance to greet anyone.lol. siguro pag guest ko sa 89.9 pwede na kita greet.

    mayette: intriga. alam mo naman mga kapitbahay natin dito...

    mauie: o di ba?! =)

  13. wow! sikat ka na!!! sayang di ko mapapanood :( nasa office pa ako nun. ahh alam ko na, i'll borrow my seatmate este officemate's TV phone na lang hehehe...

    congrats!!! accept mo na rin yung invitation ng 89.9, greet mo kami ha! :)

  14. nakalimutan kong sabihin... pa-autograph! hahaha

  15. wow!! sosyal. your girls look gorgeous too like u. lucy torres is indeed very classy and beautiful. hope i can watch the taping. i have gma pinoy tv here in the US bu t im not sure if they'll air this show here.

  16. yehey! this is awesome! will they air this on gma pinoy tv? let me know naman if it will be aired. location ko sa new york and I have both TFC and GMA.

    your makeup was indeed like a work of art. you look really gorgeous!


  17. congrats! dati blogger ngayon showbiz na ang dating mo. mapapanood ba yung sa gma sa tfc dito? chikka mo naman ha.

  18. oh wow! that's something:) it's really cool!:) thanks for sharing your experience:)

  19. you bet! your safe...inggit lang sila..lol...wait na lang me sa youtube

  20. congratulations and you look gorgeus even beside Lucy.. di nman nagkakalayo ang beauty..

    Memory Filled
    Sweety tots

  21. wow! good thing my leave starts next week, I'd be able to catch that episode (I hope!)... can't wait!

  22. @ wena: lol. grabe oy!

    @ jenn_US and juliana: the show is on QTV 11, a sister station of GMA so i don't know if it'll be shown in the US.

    @ juliana: i actually got the contact # of the bakla in case i need to be 'transformed'.

    @ shimumsy: baka if won't be shown in the US. i'll try to post the segment if possible.

  23. wow.. congratulations mommy blogger! i cant to watch the show on youtube.

  24. sweetytots;heidi;maricel; thanks!

    cherry: huwag na! i saw a short vid by my daughter, grabe! hindi ko maintindihan sinasabi ko! gusto ko nga tawagan yong director at ipa-cut na lang yong segment ko.

  25. wow..te Lena. this is really reat news! I would try my best to watch the episode, woohoo!

    Way to go!

  26. Wow, you're a celebrity now, Congrats. They're really searching among bloggers. Roy dela Cruz of the Struggling Blogger was also a guest at Korina's show.

    You're pretty , so are your daughters.


  27. Hello mom len. =) Kakabalik ko lang sa techie world galing bundok. =p And.. Huwaw! To the highest level ka na po! Galing.. :D Missed you!

  28. @ neiyomee: don't try to hard to watch the show!!

    @ jena ilse: actually i was # 1 in the google search when the show's researcher googled "pinay mom blog". lol that's my url kasi!

    thanks for the compliments. i'm not really pretty - it was just the makeup - i was photo-shopped. =)

    @ sheena: you went home for the holidays? um. . glad you're back.

  29. WOW Lena, di na mapigil ang pagsikat mo, grabe!

    I'm very interested to watch your guesting stint but we only subscribe to TFC. I'll try you tube, baka meron dun...:)

    But anyway, ganda naman ng mga daughters mo, artistahin!

    Debbie :)

  30. bakit naman? what was the topic about? i'm sure it's about blogging SAHMs...

    i will still watch it and give my "review"....hehe

    a {GIRL for all status
    tales of a pinay single mommy
    1716 South
    Garage Sale

  31. @ debbie/dana: the show is not aired in the US. onga. siguro dapat pag-artistahin ko na lang mga girls ko!! lol

    cherry: the topic was about parenting and how i impart it through blogging. ay sows! puro ka-kikayan lang naman blog ko.

  32. wow! I watch sweet life paminsan minsan pag di ko nakakaligtaan hahahaha... wow you look like annable rama here. gawa nalang tayo ng sarili nating contest lol ahahahahaha

  33. ay add pala kita sa links ko ha :)


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