Friday, January 23, 2009

For the past two months the price of gasoline is steadily going down even if some unscrupulous and greedy gas station owners insist on tagging their price a bit higher than other gas stations. I don't understand it! Why are prime goods and commodities still increasing in price on an almost daily basis? I did my weekly grocery this morning and once again, the mega-hyper-super grocery of SM has increased prices again. Two weeks ago, a 1.5 liter of Coke costs 33 pesos and 50 centavos (75 cents). Last week it was tagged 38 pesos. Today the same bottle of Coke is 38 pesos and fifty centavos.

In the months that the price of gasoline steadily went up, the price hike of commodities was understandable. Every gas price increase was matched by SM.If the price increase was on a weekly basis, SM did its increase on a weekly basis too. Understandable if totally, at some ground, unfair to the consumers whose salaries remained stagnant. When the price of gas started to go down, I thought SM too! Well, didn't the dang company matched the price hike faithfully? Surely the dang company would match the lowering of prices too.

In your dreams! The prices of goods being sold at SM grocery is steadily on the rise! Why? Where does SM base their price increase? I can't understand the economics and principles behind that, if there is one.The seemingly hording of LPG tanks to decrease supply and increase demand has been ongoing for the past month too. Translate that to more expensive LPG gas tanks. I think the answer to the question is that the steady price increase of goods and commodities (unparallel to the lowering of gas price) is mainly due to greed - plain old greed.

Grabe! Ang swapang nyo! *

*Terrible! You're all so greedy.
Posted by desperateblogger On 1/23/2009 01:15:00 PM 5 comments


  1. same in here. everything prices go higher every week but the salary stays the same. kakabuwisit talaga! tapos ang value nang pounds is going down, imagine umabot yan before nang P110 but now P65 na lang.

  2. You raise a very good point, and somehow I didn't ponder that question on my own. Gas here is down from almost $5 per gallon to about $1.90 per gallon. However, my grocery prices are still up, and I continually find myself paying more for what seems like everything.

  3. Di ba sa mga palengke they do spot checking to see kung sino ang nagtataas ng presyo for no apparent reason? Sana gawin din nila yun sa mga grocery stores. This is the reason why rich people get richer while the poor get poorer. It seems that these stores can increase their prices just because....

    Maybe you should write the News stations there?



  4. @ shiela: precisely. everything is going down except for the prices of commodities.

    @ tina: from $5 to $1.90 is quite a difference still grocery prices are up.

    @ huling: what price check sa market. corrupt na lahat ng inspectors! araw-araw kinukuha nila ulam nila sa mga tindera sa palengke kaya tinataasan ng mga tindera presyo ng tinda para ma offset ang mga kinurakot.

  5. people are greedy and it is heartbreaking, even if the economy is flourishing there will always be people who are greedy, its in their genes.

    the templater


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