Monday, January 12, 2009

There is something quite liberating in jumping. It's as if one throws away all caution to the wind and just "go for it". Jumping makes one smile... or laugh. Go ahead. Try jumping now and feel your face muscles  move in synchronization with the jump. We are a crazy family of jumpers. We love to jump at every photo shoot. It does not matter what the occasion or location is. We jump - for the sheer fun of the action. So, what time or place is appropriate for jumping?

We jump right after watching a movie. The movie might have been wonderful or not. Nevertheless, we jump.

The movie was great! Let's jump for joy!

We jump at weddings. Never mind if we're in formals et al. Never mind if the in-laws think us weird for jumping. It does not matter. We love to jump.

Yey! The wedding is over!

We jump at the beach - making the action more fun than it seems because of the refreshing beauty of the venue.

Jump! You're on camera!

We jump after eating out. The jumping might actually burn some calories.

Jump to burn calories.

We jump just because.....

Trying out the steps at Mall of Asia

We start them out young....

Come on boys, jump!

We jump just to show the beauty of it.

There's grace in jumping.

Stop whatever you're doing now and jump! Do it!

Posted by desperateblogger On 1/12/2009 11:11:00 AM 8 comments


  1. LoL those are great pix! I think I'd join you, but only if I'm wearing well-padded shoes :D


  2. interesting family!-laughter is the best medicine and jumping just does it !

  3. Those were great shots making a splendid theme.

    I enjoyed viewing them.

  4. hahaha..kakatuwa talaga kayo!

  5. Nakikitalon po ako. Pag may narinig kang lagapak na malakas, ako na yun....


  6. carlos: i already added your link

    lynne: go ahead and put on your padded shoes!

    collins: yup! jumping sure pumps up some adrenalin and happy hormones.

    barako brew: thanks!

    plokmaster: this is a nofollow comment's page. =)

    renz: talon na rin kayo ni T and P

    huling: ay sows! may kwento ako. artista na ko!!!! i'll do a post about it.

  7. love all the actions.

    nag try ako before with my friends, i cannot jump high, mataba kasi...hehehe. i will post it next time :)


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