Sunday, January 11, 2009

My computer is so slow. It's not slow as in I could take a nap while it loads. It's only slower than its regular speed. I thought my server was the one having trouble so I pinged it and measured its speed. No problem in that area though. I asked my son to check it and he found that I've only a few free gigs for memory. In my almost a year of blogging, I've accumulated and saved so much important files and trash. Time to delete unimportant applications, programs and files. My son said freeing some space from the hard disk might temporarily speed up my cpu. What I really need is to increase the RAM. Oh well, next month, maybe. As I was browsing my picture files, I chanced upon these photos of Ethan taken 3 years ago. It's Spiderman, with the extra weight.

Pssshhhww... go web!

Ay! Where's the web?

Hmp! No web!
Posted by desperateblogger On 1/11/2009 12:23:00 AM 14 comments


  1. ahhaha! ang cute namn ni Ethan! love the extra weight ha! added cuteness! :) spiderman talga ang dating! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. LOL....was he able to crawl up your walls...or did he drive you up the walls....hahaha....ang cute naman.

    Time for a new computer na siguro....


  4. awwww are ur fat spiderman is cute. btw are you really serious of wanting to come to my daughters party? It's at North Olympus subdivision clubhouse in Novaliches Quezon City.
    Party time is 11am see you there bring your cute spiderman :)

  5. ang cute....=) nakakatuwa mga bata talaga.

  6. earthlingorgeous: i just read your note! sayang!

  7. CUte cute ever ni Ethan! :)

  8. blessedmom: ethan lost some baby fat na. he's taller and leaner now.

  9. huling: yup! i need to at least upgrade my RAM.

    renz: the fatter and smaller they are, the cuter di ba?

  10. What a cute little Spiderman you've got there!

    They often compare computers to the human brain, but isn't it amazing that the human brain can accumulate lots of junk without becoming any slower! Unlike computers, where you have to get more Ram!

    Although sometimes I wish I could unload some of the junk that's floating around in my brain.

  11. Wow! he's such a cutiepie spiderman!

  12. nicole: what a great comparison! yes, sometimes i wish i could delete some of the unwanted "files" in my brain too.

  13. Can you tell that spiderman that "great powers comes with great responsibilities".

    Also, tell him that I have a picture of Mary Jane.

  14. 1rudeboi: lol. i'll tell my fat spiderman.


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