Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yup! Kristy Lee Cook is out of the American Idol picture. It was a Mariah Carey week for the AI-7 top eight. Kristy sang Anyway, a song totally alien to me. Kristy did alright, even Simon said so. I thought Brooke White would be the one voted out as she totally failed to deliver last night. She sped-up the tempo of her song Hero bar per bar.

Carly Smithson also did not do so great with her son Ken Lee, oooopppss! I mean Can't Live or better yet, Without You. David sang When You Believe. He sang it with so much conviction and the timbre of his voice was perfect for the song. Syesha sang Vanishing another unheard-of song for me. It was technically good but there's no "it" in the way she sang. Jason, once again, cute-sied his way into the night. Voice-quality-wise, Jason has none. He continues to remain in AI-7 because he is so appealing. The star of the night was David Cook. His interpretation of Always Be My Baby borders on genius!

I predict ( as if!) that it will be a final battle between the two Davids. Umm.... so who do you think will be Goliath?

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/17/2008 04:01:00 PM 7 comments


  1. uhumm... we have the same prediction. let's see what's gonna happen on the final battle.

  2. We were just watching American Idol a few minutes ago and then I took a quick browse here, then poof! spoiler ahahaha joke :)

    Ang bilis naman ng update mo sa AI Lena, teka, where did you get the update pala?

  3. I don't get to watch the show anymore. Well, I actually haven't had the chance to watch it from start to finish since it aired. I was kinda' following it when Ramiele was still in the running. After that...wala na. The husband still watches it when he's home at the time it airs.

    I agree with Brooke not delivering. She does not have the range so I didn't think that she would do good on a Mariah night. Pang Carly Simon lang talaga ang voice nya. I also hate how easily she breaks down....parang namatayan eh...hehe...

    Anyway, I was reading your Taco entry. Ako dito..intant ang taco lettuce lang ang gusto ng asawa ko with it...and refried beans. Oh, we also use ground turkey instead of beef...galit sa beef ang mister ko...haha.

    O sige na at pang entry na naman ang comment ko...



  4. our A.I. is none other than David Cook!!!!!!!

  5. I think Kristy has done really well these last couple of weeks but I wasn't surprised to see her go. I LOVE Brooke but I'm guessing she will be next. She has had a rough couple of weeks.
    I do think David Cook is definitely in the top 2. Maybe the other David as well or it could be Jason Castro. I could listen to him sing all day long.

  6. wena: actually it's anyone's battle now.

    splice: alam mo, talagang mabilis ako sa tsismis.

    juliana: Brooke talaga reminds me of Carly Simon.If she sings "in the wee small hours of the morning" wow, bagay na bagay sa kanya yon.

    halata ba? circa bell-bottom and clogs?

    dana:LOL. ok let'a await the show-down of the 2 davids!

    cassie: one thing i llove about jason is his aura of "everything's fine". i can look at him all day!

  7. uuyyy si ate len, crush si jason. hahaha


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