Sunday, April 6, 2008

I could not believe it! One of my favorite movies is being shown at Star Movies. Of course I have watched this movies countless times before but I just can't help it. Every time I hear the orchestra build up to the strains of Maria singing the hills are alive to the sound of music............I am hooked!

The Sound of Music was released on March 29, 1965. I was 8 years and 18 days old then. Julie Andrews was 30 years old and Captain Von Trapp aka Chrisropher Plummer was 36. I was such a fan. I knew and still do know all the songs of the Musical.

My favorite songs are, wait, all! My favorite parts are when the seven kids were entertaining the baroness by singing then the ever regal Captain heard the singing and joined in. I used to imagine myself singing solo then suddenly my papa would be so moved by my singing he can't help but join me. Yeah! I watched too much Tagalog movies when I was a kid.

My favorite dance part was the one in the gazebo with Liesl and Rolfe were dancing to the tune of Sixteen going on Seventeen. Oh how I so wanted to be 16 then, more so now.

Do you know that the Sound of Music is actually based in the true story of Maria Von Trapp? There is actually a Trapp Family Singers then and now. The descendants of Maria and Georg von Trapp are actually alive and well in Vermont.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.....

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/06/2008 05:16:00 PM 3 comments


  1. Oh my goodness, I love The Sound of Music! I wasn't in the making when it first came out but when I first saw the movie I fell in love with it. I even tried to have my son like it but just not happening. He does like Chitty Chitty Bang bang though. I will have to googlize where in Vermont they would be so I could take pictures of it next time we go up there.

  2. I love "The Trap Family Singers". Sa ABS ko cya napanood te..grabeh,nakaka inlove,. Now ko lang nalamn true story pala cya...amazing! Thanks sa info te lenz.

  3. o di ba? sarap kumanta ng dahilsaralayb.... ethan does not like the movie too

    about a year ago, the trapp family singers had a concert at ccp.


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