Monday, April 7, 2008

Do you sometimes feel that you're missing something but you're not really sure if indeed you lost something?

Such was predicament last night. As I was rummaging through my wallet, I thought that I was missing 500 Php. I think. No, I don't remember spending any as I did not go out of the house. The delivery made by Wendy's was paid by hubby. Oh well, maybe I just thought I had 2-500 php in my wallet.

I went to daughter #3's bedroom. Ethan was there watching TV in his jammies. Hey Ethan, I said. Where's the 20 php I gave you this afternoon? Nowhere, he said. I told my daughter that I was missing 500 php and I jokingly said that maybe it's in Ethan's coin purse. We both laughed and I playfully unzipped the coin purse to check the 20 php I gave Ethan.

Lo and behold. Guess what I found? My 500 php bill neatly folded in his coin purse.

Ethan' why did you get my money? You're not supposed to get 500 pesos, only the 20 pesos!

But the 20 pesos is boring!

He is quite right.

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/07/2008 01:13:00 PM 7 comments


  1. yeah..I agree too.. I wonder what a 20 peso bill can buy there these days..I've heard of the price increase in a lot of items it true that a kilo of ordinary rice already costs 50 pesos?

  2. hahaha! that was a bit boring indeed! but that was a little too much for a little boy...

  3. This is very funny entry and i like it!It made me smile!hehehe!Oh well, i do sometimes forget my money sometimes...

  4. it's one of those cases of:

    Gotcha!! :)

  5. Well, at least you know your not going crazy! lol

  6. no i did not let ethan have the 500 pesos. i gave him the 20 pesos that's why he was sulked for an hour.

  7. Hahahahahahaha! Yun lang ang aking masasabi.


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