Saturday, April 5, 2008

Daughter #3 (the dentist) and I joined the crowd of joggers and bikers yesterday at the UP academic oval. She went ahead of me as we do not jog at the same pace. She was faster as I was more relaxed.

As I started my route right in front of the oblation statue, I noticed that a bonfire was lit up front. Ummm...all part of the 100 years celebration. So I continued. There were less joggers yesterday as compared to last Wednesday. I wonder why. Oooppsss... I almost hit the male jogger running counter as I kept on looking around me while I jog.

As I near Palma Hall, rush of memories flash back. I remembered my freshman year where I used to get off from my father's car on this very same spot. I remembered taking the stairs at the entrance at the Faculty Center side carrying my incredibly thick (5-6 inches, no kidding) Freshman English book. I remembered going to Palma Hall at the ungodly hour of 6:30 am to snitch the posters off the bulletin boards. Yes manong janitor of some 30 years ago:That was me!

My gosh! The sunken garden is brimming with soccer wannabes. I never set foot on the sunken garden when I was in UP. There was no point. Back then, people were not as health conscious as people now. True, there were a few joggers during my time: athletes or runners. Back in the 70's the farthest that I walked around the campus was between Palma Hall and Malcolm Hall. I need you to understand that walking (especially for girls) was not popular then because of the shoe fashion. Why? Try walking around in 3 to 4 inches wedges or clogs.

Ahhh... I'm nearing starting ground. Oh my, I really have to go! It's 6:30 pm, school's out, college building entrances manned and locked. The gym! But that's about another 700 meters off! I really have to go. Okay. I'll just try my luck at the College of Music.

Excuse me manong guard, can I go in to use the restroom? Sorry ma'm, the building is closed for outsiders. Crap! Think!

I am not an outsider. I was a student here at UP with student ID # 73-01983! Huh? The manong guard was taken aback. I bet he was not even born when UP issued out my ID.

Sorry ma'm, go right in, straight then right to the restroom.
Posted by desperateblogger On 4/05/2008 09:03:00 AM 2 comments


  1. It's good to know that people there in Pinas are more health conscious now than before. I wish I have the eagerness to exercise more but I'm too lazy to do that. I choose to have my fingers do the exercise at my laptop than going to the fitness center even if it's free. Geesh! I really need to do some exercise or else ma tsugi akong bigla. haha Anyways, it's so funny that you're looking for a restroom while jogging. I think all women are like that. :)

  2. * sigh * brought me back in time na rin..... how, I miss, 73 pala starting numbers nang ID mo? I wonder how UP was like back then..I wasn't even born that time yet..hehehe!!


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