Thursday, April 24, 2008

I got it wrong! Jason and Brooke are still on! Carly was mistakenly voted out! America, you voted incorrectly.

I just can't believe that Carly's powerful rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar did not convince the American public. Jason, I assume, got votes because of the way he looks- cute to the max! Brooke, I think, got sympathy votes. Carly, even with her powerful voice, did not exude enough magnetism to sail through the competition.

Worry not, Carly. You have a real talent in singing and I just hope that scouts and agents are lurking by your door now. More power to you!

I wonder how Jason and Brooke felt when they were voted safe? Did Jason say OMG, I fooled them again! Have to add more highlights to my super-duper long crop.

Is Brooke planning on winning the competition by continuously projecting a pitiful image every time her performance is lambasted by the judges?

I wonder what Andrew is thinking now.

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/24/2008 03:50:00 PM 4 comments


  1. As usual it's the popular one who stays. :(

  2. you're one of those who 'own' my Brad Arm-Pitt-Bull! Hahaha....I should have posted a picture of Mr. Pitt where his Fruit of the Loom tidy whites are showing....ang tipid ha!

    Kaya ako di na nood ng AI eh. I just knew Brooke White will be staying. Alam mo naman, mahilig sa underdog maawa na kayo sa akin effect ang mga tao.

    Wait till they vote off David Cook....wag naman sana kasi he deserves to at least make it to the top 2..kahit di na manalo.

    O hala sige...hopefully you're sleepling already. Night!

    Mrs. Arm-Pitt-Bull[s..t]....haha

  3. Lena, we realy have the same choices!

    Last night, after Carly was voted off, I told Dana, Americans are soooooooooo unfair! I can't believe it, she outshined the rest of the contestants last Tuesday with her performance, so imagine my shock when she was declared out!

    Dana knows ( he agrees with me btw ) that I am soooooooo tired of Jason Castro!!! I want him to be voted off next please!!!!!

    Hubby and I are still rooting for David Cook !


  4. I couldn't agree with you more!


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