Monday, April 14, 2008

Ten years ago, the price of premium gasoline was at 10.00 Php per liter. If I fill up my tank 100.00 Php worth of gas, that was10 liters. That was more than enough for me to consume in two days. Long drives then were not a problem. I was more than willing to take my children, my mother, my mother-in-law, my friends, my friends' kids, just about anywhere, snacks included! Gas was cheap! McDonald's, cheap! Tuition fees, cheap! Food and basic commodities cheap!..well... affordable by majority of the working force.

Not now! Gosh! Gas is Gold! Diesel used to cost 7.00 Php per liter. Today, it's 40.15Php. Why? Why does the gas price keeps 0n increasing? A neighbor of mine recently came home from the Middle East. He works in one of the leading company of oil producers in that region. He said, he too is baffled as to why gas price keeps on hiking whereas oil producers have not upped their prices. He said gas is 30 cents per liter in the Middle East: that's $1.20 per gallon: that's 12.00 Php per liter, 34.00 Php less than what we pay per liter here.

I received an e-mail from a high school classmate. As I read the e-mail, a scheme on how to lower gas price, the more I became convinced that the idea might actually work.

The e-mail basically suggests that we, the gas consumers, stop buying (boycott?) gas from the two leading gas companies here in the Philippines for a year; starting now. There is rumor that the gas price will hit an all-time high at 60.00 Php per liter. When that happens, no one ( except the super rich, executives and employees of the oil companies and gov't officials) can afford to live.

I would have posted the e-mail here but my lawyer (huh?) said I might get in trouble! Anyway one is supposed to forward the letter to 10 people then those 1o people to another 10... much like a pyramid scheme. The idea is that after 8 days of receving and forwarding e-mails, the target number of 300,000 people will be reached. I just hope the 300,000 e-mailers will do as they are told. As of three hours ago, I have spammed about a hundred people. Not! More like fifty friends and relatives. I can actually submit the e-mail to safelists to reach thousands of people but then again, my lawyer (duh?) said no.

I have a favorite local gas station near my house. It sells gasoline at 2.00 Php less than the current price in other gas stations. This only proves that if the two major oil companies choose to lower their freaking profit, a price roll back can happen.

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/14/2008 06:20:00 PM 6 comments


  1. I'm also fed up with the super-high gas prices these days. So if I were you, get the word around and forward that email to anyone and everyone starting with me ;-)

  2. Ay naku po...I think everyone has the same sentiment today...gas prices that keep on going sign of slowing down from what I have been reading.

    That's one reason why we really want to move very soon. Our new place will only be a 5-min drive to the husband's work. Sabi nya he may just buy a bike...tipid na exercise pa. And I couldn't agree more.


  3. i filled up today $3.08/gallon!!!mura na kami d2 sa jersey, sa ny cguro $3.60 or more.

  4. shopgirl: i copy/pasted the email to your comment board. hope you don't mind.

    IPR: got your tag. tnx

    PW: buti pa kayo dyan, you can use the bike going to work. if we do that here: you either die of pollution or by accident. bili na lang ako tricycle.

    shimumsy: buti pa dyan bumaba ang gas price.

  5. Hi sis, saw it. Thanks. Will let everyone know about the "plan"

  6. i also got that kind of email te Lena... hehehe... thought of posting it on my blog too but I set back...

    good pala na hindi ko rin tinuloy... hehehe...


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