Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last night daughter # 3, son and grandson and I went to the hospital to visit a cousin about to undergo surgery. We brought food and naturally were also the ones who ate the food we brought. My cousin asked me to take care of the billing and whatever added initial payments that needs to be done.

I went down to the billing department. The man checked the account and found out that my cousin had just checked in and made a 5,000 Php deposit through credit card. The man said we need to make another 5,000 deposit for tomorrow's procedure. Whadda? It's not even 2 hours since the first deposit. Ok. Fine. I said send someone up for the necessary credit card slips to sign. The man said, I should go to the cashier for that. So off I went to the cashier and repeated the whole event that has transpired.

The cashier then said that I should let the patient come down for the credit card transaction. Whadda? I said my cousin was currently undergoing pre-op procedures. Umm... said the cashier. Then you better get her ID and credit card then come down here for the credit card form, go up again and have the form signed by the patient then come back down here again so I can log in your payment and issue out a receipt.

Ahh.... I said. Don't you have someone in the cashier's department to do all that you're asking me to do. Ma'm we're busy and we just can't spare anyone to do that said the outraged cashier. Ohhh... I said. Well miss, I'm busy too. I don't want to go up and down the stairs or the elevator just so I can make an additional down payment to your department in particular and to the hospital in general.

I left.
Posted by desperateblogger On 4/02/2008 09:03:00 AM 3 comments


  1. Let the patient come down for the transaction?? Fork that cashier!!

  2. Bravo!! Those people should know better. Parang hindi nag iisip asking the one who's going some pre-op procedures to come down...grabe...


    Ako ulit

  3. oh my! lol. ganyan talaga dito sa Pinas no? d ka nga i aadmit kahit na naghihingalo ka na kung wala kang downpayment. lol. hay nalang. hehehe


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