Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just a few minutes ago my son said that his dorm mate texted him and said she (the dorm mate) is presently in a hospital in Davao. Why? I asked. The dorm mate said she is confined because a tumor has been found in her lungs. The first thing I asked was, does she smoke? Yes. I felt devastated as the girl is only 17-18 years old. I could feel that my son was rattled too.

I said, go and pray for her. I will do likewise later. I feel so sad because at this very moment, a dear cousin is confined in a hospital awaiting her breast cancer removal surgery. This cousin is a very active church choir conductress and pianist. She spent half of her life in the US but opted to stay here in the Philippines after her retirement. I have been praying for her and I do wish my readers will do the same. Her scheduled operation is for tomorrow, April 2.

My son sent me a message. Mom, my dorm mate said, April Fool's Day. Well the crap with her!! Doesn't she know better?

There are so many things to joke about: not about health and death!!

But mom, she's wacky too! She's taking architecture.


Posted by desperateblogger On 4/01/2008 01:28:00 PM 7 comments


  1. haha..happy april fools' day! got tamed...and fooled ...haha

  2. oh my gosh...i don't know there's this fool day...my student asked me if i lied today but i said i couldn't remember if i did...he said he lied 32 times already when he met me. he said he hates me but when i asked him he said because it's a lie day today...so is that mean that he loves me? hehehe...

    thanks for visiting korean food sis...

  3. I agree... Thats why its always hard for me to pull April Fool's Jokes. Its hard to think of something that would really freak someone out, yet not in a serious way. Saying things like you've been in a car accident or you're very sick are not very good jokes!

  4. i never ever do an april fool's day. living is hardh. =)

  5. Te, natatawa ako sa last part..the word whatever...hehehe ang taray!...Pwede ibang Joke nalang wag lng health..kakainis din if i were in ur shoes...

  6. Ok..so what is your son saying...you're wacky???? hahaha...sorry can't help it.

    But yes, I agree that joke is not of good taste....

    I also don't do April Fool's day. I actually had a bad experience on April Fool's day. It was during my first year in Taiwan. Teachers were busy pulling pranks on kids, having them paged on the intercom then I heard my name and my older roommate's name. They were asking us to go to the office. Kala ko April Fool's Day din. Nope...someone broke in our apartment in broad daylight - like 9 AM and robbed us. Took almost everything I had including Philippine money...kaiba talaga. Buti na lang hindi kinuha yung passport ko kasi pauwi ako the following week for Lent.

    Ay naku....what a bad April Fool's day...

    Anyway, just dropping by here and adding to the many comments...hehe..

    Take care...



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