Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is a blog I created in my multiply site. I am directing this post to fellow Filipino bloggers who are holding their mobile phones right now and to fellow bloggers willing to register online. Thus , I copy/paste.

Post Title: TJ is Nestea VJ

That statement is a probability. One that depends on you. Yes. You, my multiply contact or stalker.

Nestea Philippines is on a quest to find three VJs from each of the Philippines' three major islands. If at this point you do not know the 3 major islands of our beloved-thirdworld-poor-butstillfashionable- country, then you have no right to even turn on a computer.

Anyway, there are about 12 wannabes vying for the 3 available slots. TJ is in the running with VJ contestants # 5,6 and 8 as TJ is # 7. As of now, contestsnt # 5 ( a girl in a bikini- totally not hot) is leading. Bakit kamo? E kasi nga naka bikini. Nevermind the freeaaking eeenglisss as it's non-existent.

Now, how can we help TJ? If, again, at this point you're not one with me in moving mountains and hills to make Mr. Valderrama, win, take my name out as your contact.

Now, you may ask, who the heck is TJ? Tristan Joseph is a close family friend. Close as in he hangs about in the house (ceiling, rafter, floor joists, trusses and roof) while eating my gloriously prepared food. Ethan loves him a lot. He is currently a third year college student in DLSU as a private scholar. He is a practicing Christian and is active in serving the Lord. He needs to win. By need , I think you know what I mean. If you don't, my gosh, your IQ is non-existent too!

It's so tedious to vote online. There's registration and all that shit kaya I'll make it easier for you. Since you are a Pinoy currently reading my post means two things: one: you are online (duh?) and second: your mobile phone is somewhere near you.

Kaya, Text to vote for TJ. The text costs 2.50 peysos per. Ay sus! ano ba naman ang 2.50 sa buhay mo. Grabe ang cheap mo if you'll only cast one vote. Make it at least 10 votes. That's 25.00 peysos lang. Or you can vote once or twice everyday. Sige na. Voting is until April 14.

Here is the text format: NESTEA VJ07

Globe,TM, Sun send to 2366
Smart, TT, Addict Mobile send to 231

If you would rather vote online click HERE

Watch TJ do his stuff click HERE

Okay! Thanks!
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