Monday, April 28, 2008

I was clearing my desk this afternoon when I chanced upon the three old notebooks that I used when I was involved in internet marketing. These notebooks contained my accounts and passwords to the various programs that I have joined in my short 2-year stint in online money making schemes.

I was doing advertising through e-mail marketing and paid ads on surf sites. I was actually shocked to find out that during the peak of my crazy internet episode I was a member of about 10,000 safelists. Now, you may ask, what the heck is a safelist?

A safelist is a type of e-mail marketing and advertising where the members signed-up and agreed to receive each others messages of advertising. Usually, the safelist administration reserves the right to mail its members. A member logs in into his account and types in his ads and send it to the safelist's members. Types of safelists include: Paid, Credit Based and Free.

I did not actually log-in to each of my accounts. I had three safelist submitters where I just typed in my ads and have it sent to available safelists of the day. Being a member to more than 10,000 safelists translated to approximately 100,000++ sent e-mails. Sometimes, I pay extra for a one-time send to 5 million e-mail addresses. Effective?

I sent 4,000 credit mailer with the subject Check this Out. A credit mailer gives you credit to advertise once you view an advertiser's site. Anyway, out of the 4,000 email ads I sent only 56 emails were credited or clicked through. That is only 1.4 % of 4,000 which means the click-through rate is not good.

Maybe the heading was not catchy enough. The content of the ad, none . All I wrote in the ad was my blog's URL. Anyway, the experiment resulted in 56 additional surprised (as in what the heck am I doing viewing this blog?) visitors to my site.

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/28/2008 05:13:00 PM 2 comments


  1. Very informative always. You were one busy lady during those internet marketing days. All I did was read about them but never really tried any....tamad o takot? Ikaw na ang humatol...haha...

    Btw, ang Juliana nga eh starting to catch up na. Kung kelan pa ako tumanda at saka naman naging 'hit'. Ngayon kahit tawagin akong 'Huling, Hulia or Huli' pwede na kasi talagang matanda na 'ko. Hahaha...

    Thx for the visit. Glad to know na ikaw eh magaling na.....


  2. malakas kasi loob ko sa mga ganun racket. i was really a greenhorn then but i made a lot of friends in the net. i also made money but i later found out na mlm, pyramid, randomizer, ert. pala yong mga yon. tapos nga ang daming key-loggers viruses kaya i constantly change pswrds, thus the notebooks.

    baka gusto mo email addys, sangamukal ang pwede natin i-spam. lol!

    note: ang matanda kalabaw.


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