Friday, April 25, 2008

I am highly irritable today because of my worsening cold. I tried to just relax in my bedroom with the air conditioner on high. Bad idea. The cool dry air made my nose clogged up that eventually brought a bout of coughing. The 18 degree Celsius temperature made me shiver too.

I turned off the air conditioner. It was okay for a while but after an hour, the cool temperature turned into warm then hot. The hot airless room made me sweat. I turned on the electric fan.
Worst decision ever. The warm air coming from the electric fan dried my sweat making me cough more and my nose run. I finally called my daughter.

What do I take to cure my cold?

Do you have fever?


Does your throat hurt when you swallow?


Do you have coughs and a runny nose?

Yup! and muscle aches too and my taste buds conked out one me.

Oh it might be that you just have the common cold mom and there's no medicine for that. I'll just give you something for your runny nose and coughs.

I bought the medicines. Took them together with vitamin C and a pain reliever. I went back to my bedroom, turned the air conditioner back on this time to 20 degrees Celsius.

I kept thinking of ways to make my life less miserable due to this common cold. I thought of these home remedies that works for me.

1. Drink plenty of fluids as in water or orange juice or better yet, calamansi juice.
2. Steam inhalation to loosen your clogged up nose and congested chest.
3. Take plenty of rest and lie down with your head slightly elevated.
4. Put a small amount of mentholated salve (vicks! ) under your nose and on your chest. I actually put on a generous amount of vicks on the soles of my feet then put on socks. Works wonders for me.
5. Take a warm quick shower.
6. Call Lea for a full body massage. ( I already did. She's not available)
7. Stop blogging. Turn off the laptop.

Oh well..........

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/25/2008 06:53:00 PM 5 comments


  1. was your D-link a wireless router? in yes, you can still use that in tandem with the one provided by globe so that you can get wireless internet connection for your laptop..para pwede pa rin magblog kahit nasa cr..hahaha

    get well soon on your colds..

  2. yes yes. get some rest... i had a bad flue two weeks ago and a cough that lasted for a week... i had lots of hot tea to clear my nose cos i'm the sort who cant take to the taste of water...

    hope you get better soon.

  3. Hey...

    Ah..the benefits of having a doctor daughter/daughter doctor ...alin ba tama? Haha

    Pagaling ka...those home remedies you listed are probably the best you can do right now....except for 'no blogging'.....hahaha....

    Take care....


  4. hope you feel better. me here, i'm suffering from allergies, hay fever (pollen-tama ba?) ganyan ako pag spring time sneezing (at least 5x in a row!!), itchy throat, watery eyes.etc..wala naman ako nitong allergy noong nasa pilipinas pa! puede ba bumili ng nose?

  5. didn't know that you got sick.. hope you're okey now...


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