Thursday, April 3, 2008

On March 26, 2008, the academic oval (Osmena and Roxas Aves.) of the University of the Philippines became a one-way street going counter clockwise. The oval streets are now divided into two lanes. The inner lane, about 1/3 of the whole width of the road, is off-limits to vehicles. For the past months, on Sundays and Saturdays, the oval is closed to vehicular traffic. Such hassle, I said to myself. Why the scheme?

Well, at 4:30 pm the oval's inner lane starts to fill up with joggers, runners, bikers, walkers, and lovers. You can see people running clockwise on the oval, others, counter clockwise. Some are serious runners. They even wear their running clubs' uniforms. Others are jogging as warm-up for their varsity training. Most are combining jogging-walking to lose weight. How did I know? They're overweight! There are some who jog to let off steam and toxins.

There are those who choose to go biking using either mountain bikes or racers. There are small groups gathered by the food kiosks infront of the College of Arts and Letters and Palma Hall, drinking juice or pop. I saw a couple spread out a mat in the grass. I saw an old lady grab the low gate near the theater while she executes some foot and ankle stretching. I am overwhelmed by the fiesta like atmosphere. People are just having fun traipsing around the oval.

My daughter and I looked at each other. An unspoken understanding passed between us.

Tomorrow, we join the revelry.

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