Friday, April 11, 2008

With my picture file still missing, I thought of using my son's laptop to scour for pictures. At this very moment 5:20 pm, my son is not home.

Look what I found. This is Zoro. He is often seen traipsing about UP Diliman in his cape and mask. He is harmless. He just wants to be IN the middle of every activity in the campus. Some say Zoro was a Math major who went berserk. Umm.. due to the perplexing nature of Math?

WADDAA??? What the heck? Who is the girl? I recognize the dorm's reception hall though.

Figure this out. I think they are lying on the floor, wearing costumes. My son is the one in the green "thing". Oh I get it! He and his friend ( in the blue "thing" ) are tetris blocks.

Ethan? Isdachu?

Oh well. That's it. Enough intruding.
Posted by desperateblogger On 4/11/2008 05:14:00 PM 3 comments


  1. picture 1:hahaha! si zorro! he can be friends with this bloke who walks around near my office dressed as lawrence of arabia. we only see him in the summer, clad in white. malapit na ulit lumabas yon tag init na dito.

    picture 2: uy sino yun girl?! picture 3: if u didn't say human tetris, i wouldn't figure it out.
    picture 4: ethan isdatchu picachu?! u r so very cute! uy rhyme!

  2. Zoro has a sense of fashion ahaha :)

  3. hahhaha! does your son reads your blog?

    nkaka aliw naman c Zoro!


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