Saturday, April 26, 2008

You won the sum of £1 000,000.00 GBP from our monthly Uk Lottery Promotion,

you are hereby adviced to
get back to us, to claim your prize.

Contact: Dr.Frank Millan

Your email address has won $4.6M from the UK Lottery online draws
held on the 18th April 2008 Lucky Number:MX014926583
Contact Mr. Jonathan Ong with your official name,country,address,sex/age,
tel,occupation,date of draw on(
Tel+447045772228 for delivery of your cheque

Your E-Address was selected for category B in this weeks
United Kingdom Lotto programme.
These are your details.Your draw has a total value of
One Million Pounds(£1,000.000.00).
ticket number:56475600545188


Overnight, I won a total of 2 million pounds and 4.6 million dollars. That is according to the three e-mails I received. These e-mails are, obviously, fraudulent. You might agree with me that nobody in their right mind will believe these scams. Believe me, there are countless victims world wide.

This e-mail scam is similar to the Nigerian Advance Fee Scheme. You will be asked to send your personal details. Once you've done that , the scammer might stop since he has your details which could translate to identity theft or he might proceed with the next step. If the scammer continues, then his next step would be to ask you for processing fess which could amount anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

My first experience with this kind of scam was in 2001, although I've been using the internet
,(dial-up internet connection with a speed of 28 kbs ?) since 1998. I received a letter from a certain woman who claimed she was dying of cancer. She said she found my e-mail add from a church organization data base. Being naive to scams, I answered her e-mail. She said she was going to leave me $ 48 million because she has no family and relatives to leave the money to. Taking into consideration my-no-knowledge of scams, who would not fall for that? Mirriam, that was her scam name, sent me phone numbers and addresses where I can reach her solicitor.

I e-mailed the solicitor and he said that I need to forward my personal details and about $15,000 for processing and transfer fees. The large amount of fees set me thinking. I became wary and I asked my cousin who is a lawyer. He said that the scam is commonly known as Nigerian 419 which started (through slow mail) in the early 80's. Poof! goes my $48 M.

There are so many scam programs in the net today. There are MLMs, affiliate marketing, money randomizer and cycler, surf sites, pay per click or view and others. Be wary. Practice diligence.

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/26/2008 09:10:00 AM 6 comments


  1. Scan your computer, dear, as you might have spyware or adware in your system that you do not know, that is why you were infiltrated by these scammers.

  2. These are common emails that go straight to my bulk/spam folder. There is just no way to get rid of them as they are all over. They even did a show on this Nigerian scam on 20/20. It's not the lottery type of thing but something of money nature as well. The reporter went overseas to meet with the Nigerian contact and filmed the whole thing. The thing is: that's the end of arrests, no nothing...he was embarrassed for about 30 min, if that, then he was let go. He probably moved on to his next victims a few min after. Si Aling Oprah...she interviewed yung mga doctors, lawyers at iba pang 'supposedly' professionals who got scammed of hundreds of dollars on this kind of scam.

    They even showed internet cafes in Nigeria swarming with people sending out emails of this nature....grabe.

    Anyway, I think we have to stick with our 'Lotto' dream to get those millions na abot kamay natin...haha.

    And this is my novel....hahaha

    Salamat sa dalaw....


  3. Asan na pswrd??? hahaha...

    Oo nga parang mas mahaba pa yung comment ko sa post mo...hahaha.

    Rest ka na nga...

    Pagaling ka...

  4. My MIL has been receiving lots of emails regarding her lottery winnings. It's really hard to resist the temptation of 1million pounds especially if that's the most prominent and persistent spammers in one's inbox.
    Hope no one is falling for this crap!

  5. i hate scam mails like this ...its just clogging my emails...if they are really legit their emails are all yahoo hosted , they should have at least their own email domain hosted.

  6. I've experienced this too before, until Dana scanned my email..

    Also, sometime 2 weeks ago, I've received alot of calls that I won the lottery. How did they get my contact #? Imagine, every single day,I won the lottery? My husband and I would have been the richest couple ever, lol!

    Crazy people, all scammers!!! Very irritating that they kept on bugging me. They only stopped when I told them that I will report them to the authorities....



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