Monday, March 2, 2009

What the farking effing crap!? I think I just submerged myself in super-duper-hot-boiling water! Remember my X's series that is still ongoing as my list is only 3/4 done? Well, the series of articles brought about the following events - as Lemony Snicket says "a series of unfortunate events".

Cyndy emailed me. A friend and batch mate of Grace found me too. She said she'd tell Grace. Google the full name or even the nickname of "first love eventually dies" and my blog is ranked #1 in the search. I made the creep # 1 in Google! Hahahaha... it's only a matter of time that one of them would eventually comment in my blog. I'm actually wary. Do you think I should delete or modify the full name of first love?
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/02/2009 08:50:00 AM 9 comments


  1. uh-oh, you're in a pickle! hahaha!

    but you did sort of wanted him to get the message, right? XD

  2. Wag mo na modify I'm sure mega kilig ung guy kahit papano ahahahahah! :)

  3. yan na nga ba...ok lang siguro yun. tagal na eh...=)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Uh oh....they found you through google?

    I think oks lang least you're using the right keywords...hahahaha....

    Asan na yung 1/4? hehehe


  6. I hope your husband isn't the jealous type.

  7. alam na ba ni hubby? paano yan?

  8. @ eMz, earthling, cherry, huling: lol. you're all crazy like me! i guess it's ok too as it's not as if i hired someome to get bits about them. it was all in the internet. buti nga pinasikat ko pa sila.

    huling: lol. yup! right key words!

    @ joel: hubby does not "do" internet.=) would you be jealous if ever?

    @ shiela: internet lang naman e. i don't think any of the guys i mentioned would contact me.

  9. napa-google din tuloy ako ng full name # 1 ng ang blog mo sa results. LOL.

    naku, di ko pwede gayahin 'to haha. my Hubby uses the internet at jealous type pa...patay ako pag nagkataon


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