Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay. I figured I was not as sick as the doctors perceived me to be. Why? I was still noticing the newly installed chutes made for easy medicine transport. I was still noticing the orderly who helped me get on the gurney was reeking with cigarette odor. I was still noticing the flickering light bulbs near the X-ray administrative station. The hallway going to one of the X-ray rooms was actually unlit. The only ray of light was emanating from the admin cubicle. Cheapskates!

As I was wheeled back into ER, I saw my three daughters and hubby huddled on one side. They were just looking at me. Their faces inscrutable. Daughter # 2 was at home with Ethan. My son was at his apartment knowing nothing of my predicament for I specifically told my daughters not to tell him for finals was ongoing. I looked at the wall clock. It read 12:17 A.M. I am getting tired of all the poking and questions.

Suddenly a familiar voice cried Mom!

My son was there beside me, dripping wet and asking me how I was.

Who told you I was here? How did you get here? I asked baffled.

The story was daughter #2, the one left at home, was online and caught my son online too. Knowing nothing of my order not to tell my son about my health condition, daughter #2 told my son about it. My son then called daughter #1 and asked about what has been going on with the intention of going to the hospital. Daughter #1 said "No!, don't come now. It's late and you have no ride." My son said " but she's my mom too and I need to be there."

So the story was that my son walked all the way to Philcoa from UP Teacher's Village to ride a bus going to Makati. As it was past 11:00 P.M. the MRT was already closed. He got off the corner of EDSA and Ayala. Finding no bus or jeep he was in a dilemma on how to get to Makati Medical Hospital. He did no want to take a taxi for two reasons. He was down to his last 100 pesos and it was past 12 midnight and he was well-versed with taxi-scare stories. So what he did was run the length of Ayala Ave. to get to the hospital. As it was raining that night, he was drenched to the bones when he finally got to the hospital.

I asked my hubby and daughter #4 to take my son home immediately as he might get sick. I told my son to get an extra shirt in my car for him to change into. I instructed hubby to make sure he feeds our son before going home. After settling everything, daughter # 1 got back to her rounds. Daughter #3 went to the admission office for my accommodation. The doctors stopped poking for a while and left me in peace.

All alone in one corner of the ER, I cried.
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/31/2009 11:01:00 AM 7 comments


  1. oh, so you went back to the hospital. hope everything's alright. i know you will be, you're such a strong-willed woman and for sure you'll be out there in no time!

    i feel sorry and deeply touched at your only son's loving concern! imagine walking/running the long stretch of ayala ave just to reach you! not to mention doing it in the middle of the rain!

    i would have cried too!

    take care, ate lena!

  2. Hi Lena... long time no hop and oh, how sad your story. hope all is well now. takecare and get well soon!

  3. naku ms lena, biglang naging dramatic ang life mo. i thought cervical spondylosis only happens in the doctor's letters i've been editing. tsk.

    but even in these hard times, it's so nice to know that your family will never leave you, right? ^_^

  4. I was so touched reading your post Lena. You're blessed to have a very supportive and loving family who are always there beside you.

    Be strong Lena. Hope back in good shape ka na once we get together in Manila. I'll email you soon ok?


  5. hi lena. i hope you're feeling much better now. i've been sick myself. ang sweet ng mga anak mo. you're lucky you have them especially in times when you need them the most. yan ang fear ko. that i'll be all alone when i get sick or something. at least your story eased my fear a bit. mejo di na ko takot. =)

    talk to you soon...

  6. hi ate lena... hope you're okey now...super sweet naman ng bunso mo. sa makati med ka pala na-confine.

  7. @ sheng: i cried because of the ordeal my son did. naawa ako eh.

    @ nancy: thanks. i'm quite alright now.

    @ eMz: um... that intrigued me. what kind of work do you do?

    @debbie/dana: yes. i'm lucky i've a large contingent behind me. =) keep in touch so we could meet in manila when you fly over.

    @ cherry: you were sick too? i hope you're okay now. you won't be alone when you do get sick as you have your two kids.

    @ wena: mmc nga kasi that's where D1 is doing her residency.


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