Friday, March 27, 2009

Yes, my mom is stuck in a hospital room without wifi and it's driving her nuts.

It all started last night. After her late night jogging, she experienced a bit of numbness in her left shoulder. Good thing sister # 2 (daughter #3) and sister # 3 (daughter #4) was at home so they took her to the hospital. Typical mom, she insisted on driving to the hospital but sister # 3 vehemently said "No".

After an hour or so, sister # 2 called me up on the phone saying that they had to bring mom to sister #1's (daughter#1) hospital to have a CT scan. The numbness spread to the left side of her body. Uh-oh...

I looked for my dad to tell him about mom but sister # 1 already called to tell him what had happened.

Ethan and I had nothing else to do but wait and pray. Mom texted me and asked me to read aloud Psalms 23 and 99 with Ethan. It took a while 'cause Ethan wanted me to explain what we were reading (so hard!).

Anyway, I'll leave it up to my mom to continue the rest of this story. Here's a picture of her that she wanted me to post for y'all.

- Daughter # 2

Posted by desperateblogger On 3/27/2009 12:40:00 AM 17 comments


  1. I wish you all the best for the recovery


  2. Tita Pagaling ka. kailan ka pala mag check out diyan? Get well! Good bye adobo! he he he

  3. Get well soon, Ms. Lena. we'll pray for your early recovery...

  4. Huwwaaattt???? Sending you some get well vibes~ ako naman I have to go to the doctor 2x this week for checkup...then lab for some CAT scan and ultra sound sa aking thyroid.

    Ano ba yan.....get well soon!!!!


  5. omg, i thought my sickness was the worst, mas grabe pa pala sayo. naospital ka pa. what's the diagnosis? katakot naman yan...=)

    pagaling ka agad. talk to you soon=)

  6. hey Mommy sending you my get well wishes. hope you'll be out of the hospital soon.

    hala ano ba yan, mukhang doktor and kausap natin lately. I've been to three actually this week.

  7. wishing you'll get well and feel better soon! probably the fact that you can't go online there in the hospital makes you feel even worst! hahaha!

    take care, te lena! my prayers are with you!

    i like how your sweet daughter #2 also uses numbers among her sisters while narrating!

  8. oh no! i do hope you recover quickly and that it's nothing too serious. hugs!

  9. Get well soon!

  10. Oh no! Stop stressing about everything, for once relax ka naman! And hey you lost a lot of weight ha?

    Thanks to your daughter for giving the heads up. I'm praying for your fast recovery!

  11. Hope you get well soon.

  12. hello my friend! how are u feelin now? hope u slow down..take it easy...i'm praying for ur quick recovery :) ingat lagi ha! :)

  13. gee, you are hardworking! hope you get well soon!

  14. oh gosh, ngayon ko lang nabasa ito. get well soon lena. i'll pray for your speedy recovery.

  15. oh whoa what's the tube for?

    get well soon!! :D


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