Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crap is the word! It's that time in one's daily life when everything seems to be falling apart. Well, not really falling apart... more on... nothing seems to be going right. For me. I just feel like screaming and tell every single fart who makes my life uncomfortable to just shove it up their as**s!

I need a freaking break. A break from the daily grind. I have not taken a "me" vacation for the last 29 years. Vacation time was always with the family - and I guess you know that for most moms that is no vacation at all. Vacation time with the family is synonymous with doing all your everyday household chores and responsibilities away from your house.

The irritating, if not that sad part is, "some" do not realize the effort and sacrifice that comes with motherhood. Day in, day out,for the past 29 years, I've put my kids' welfare and well-being as my priority. I set aside my career and put the children first. I set aside my personal feelings for the kids. I spent all my hard-earned money for the kids and their needs. I breathe and think of my kids. I became irrelevant. I became an extension of them. I was at times taken for granted. In a few more years everyone of them will leave home and have their own families. Where would that leave me?

Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing.

What do you know? This is my 1000th post!
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/05/2009 08:05:00 AM 11 comments


  1. I know the feeling! but i'm proud of you for being a good and supportive mom for them......actually, you desereve a big break! how about a one day spa treat?

  2. @ mayette: my brother is inviting me to come to NY for a visit. all expenses paid. the thing is i can't decide!!! at my age and at this point of my life i'm the one still who taking care of everyone and everything! kaya nga naiinis ako. i just can't pack up and go! of course i could but freaking conscience won't let me!

  3. as over rated as it is, I know what you feel. I guess half of stay/work at home mommies would feel the same way. Panapanahon talaga kung kelan mapupuno eh noh? baka bukas makalawa pag gising mo okay ka na ulit :)

    at least alam natin tao ka.

  4. hi lena, lapit na birthday kaya siguro ganyan. every year ganyan ako especially when my birthday nears. parang i try to examine what my life was in the past year and every time na lang, i always come to a realization that I haven't had any time for myself--yun na nga, always thinking of others first.

    pero naman, dapat lang magbakasyon kana kung 29 years na. maiintindihan na cguro nila yun...

    congratulations na rin on your 1000th post. grabe halos sabay lang tayo pero wala pa kong 500....=) dami mo kase opp...

  5. @ renz: hahaha.. onga tao ako at hindi robot kaya marunong din mainis at mapuno.

    @ cherry: umm.. baka nga. minsan kasi i'm taken for granted and at the same time they expect too much from me. supermom baga. in spite of all the "sacrifices" i've done for my family yong mga in-laws dami pang "epal"!!!

    i'm the more forceful force between hubby and i kaya ako ang stressed out.

    konti na nga opps e. grabe puro $1 na lang kaya tamad ako gawin.

  6. Right there witcha! Buti na lang at isa lang itong akin. Kaso malapit na dumating ang aking 'bisita' so ako eh madaling mairita.....

    Supermom....super duper mom....grabe. I can't imagine doing what you're doing. seriously need a break. Baket hindi tanggapin ang offer ng brother? I'm sure they'll be fine. Who knows that's what you need and what they need....



  7. congratulations for surviving 29 years. anim pa anak mo ha? ako tatlo lang pero halos mabaliw na ako, dagdagan pa nang tarantadong asawa :)

    anyway, a trip to new york all expense paid is the answer to your problem. go na sis!!!

  8. go for it ate Lena! don't feel guilty for they're all grown up if you go they can manage to do some of your task, its not forever thou, only a vacation that you deserve and beside your hubby is around to look after plus the yayas.
    Go go go!!! girlfriend!!!

  9. 29 years!
    Ako nga 8 years pa lang humingi na ng ME time!he he he.


  10. Hi!
    Congratulations to you!
    It is a long way but it must be worth it.
    See you around and thanks for the ads to.

  11. @ huling: i'm still considering the offer. It's for May.

    @ shiela: 5 lang anak ko. yong 6th, apo na. meron din akong tarantadong asawa! lol

    @ jerome: yes. i'm glad you had your "me" time. you need it to keep your sanity.

    @ lunaticg: thanks for the hop and comment.


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