Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ethan's school did not give out the usual academic excellence awards to deserving students. Instead, the teachers did a survey and asked each student what he/she thinks of a particular classmate. The actual question and answer portion was videotaped and was presented and shown in wide screen during the ceremonies. The question went something like this: What do you think of (name of classmate)?

Crap! I was actually nervous as I awaited the answers from 9 of his classmates. The gist of the answers was something like this.

He is friends with everyone.

Ethan is funny.

He tries hard to spell.
He is my friend an he makes me laugh.

He is so funny.
He makes me laugh.

He works so hard to read and spell and he is so funny. He is my friend.

and so on and so forth.

I was worried that Ethan's citation would go something like this: for being the class clown who tries hard to read and spell....

When Ethan's name was finally called and he went up the stage for his citation and medal, I was fidgeting in my seat. My worst fear was far from realization for the citation was nothing like my perceived one. Teacher Michelle read: Ethan is friendly with everyone. He tries to soothe every hurt feelings and right misunderstandings among his classmates. He is always happy and gets along well with everyone. He is the class peacemaker.

Whew! Wow! We are all so proud of out little peacemaker.

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  1. We definitely need more people like Ethan. Sometimes I wonder, couldn't adults behave better than Ethan? :)

  2. di na pala uso ang Mr Congeniality award! hahahaha

  3. Tells what kind of upbringing Ethan has. You deserve to share his award.

  4. @ BK: i sometimes wonder too. wishful thinking. btw, you're the first commenter.

    @ eMz: uy! you're blog hopping! nakatakas ka sa work.

    @ joel: oh wow! thanks for the compliments.=)

  5. Great Job!
    Hooooraaahh for Ethan!

  6. wow! congrats ethan! u must be listening well to ur grandma ha? grandma must be sooo proud of u! :) great job! :)

  7. wow congrats! ^^ i can totally understand how you felt :D

  8. Ayan, peacemaker naman pala eh, ang magandang lola nangatog pa ang tuhod, hehe! I like the photo, his smile is so precious. Gwapong bata.

    Congratulations Ethan! And ofcourse, congratulations to you too Lena!!

    Will he be in grabe 1 this coming June? Or maybe Prep?

    Debbie :)

  9. wow, excellent! i am but proud of your little peacemaker in there! :)

  10. wow, congrats ethan. di ata nagmana sa taray mo ito...=) joke lang...

  11. @ renz: thanks! in 3-4 years or so si P naman.

    @ blessedmom: thanks! it's different taking care of grandkids. i'm more relaxed - discipline wise.

    @ shu fen: thanks! =)

    @ debbie/dana: thanks! in a couple of years or so... daniel will be in preschool too. ethan will be in first grade in june. the school is US patterned.

    @ rarejonrez: thanks! we're really proud of ethan.

    @ cherry: lol... ang bait ko kaya! tell MG congrats... and to you too - you just don't know it - but you're one great mom to MG and your son.

  12. wow! congrats to the little peacemaker.

    hi!i'm here, bloghopping at UP while listening to the next batch of reporters. katatapos lang mag-report ng group namin! yuhoo!!!

  13. @ wena: hey thanks. i sure hope your group did well in the report. UP has wifi?!

  14. hi good morning! our report was okey, although medyo nag-cramming ng konti hehe. yes, they have, pero i'm not sure kung lahat ng buildings meron... dun kmi sa ASTI Bldg., along C.P Garcia Ave.

  15. @ wena: baka jan lang may wifi as medyo off campus na pala kayo. password protected by wifi? baka naman sa kapitbahay na building yong signal.=)

  16. opo, password protected sya, using UP webmail acct. merong sariling wifi ang TMC (yung dept. namin. pwede ring sa kapitbahay, which is ASTI hehe.


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