Monday, March 2, 2009

The Summer of '76 was a 'dry' spell in terms of relationships. Each and everyone of my close friends from church myself included were boyfriend-less and prospect-less. After watching the long-winding Good Friday procession in our hometown, we got together and ate ice cream and made a pact. We were going to choose our prospects for the summer and do our dang-est best to nail them. I chose Jonathan.

Like me, Jon was an architecture student too. He has been a church mate but was not visible in the youth sector for he did not attend such. He was from UP High School and I used to see him during my college freshie year at UP while I was gallivanting with first love. Yes. I was 10 months older than Jon. Anyway, I've made my choice so be it.

It was a breeze hooking up with him. It was summer and the church had a Vacation Bible school for kids. As teeners, we were trained to handle such classes. I was tasked to handle the 4th graders. This was class was the most notorious of all as everyone of them had undiagnosed ADHD! Hahaha. Really, those boys were adorable. Anyway, I needed an assistant and guess who volunteered. Yup! Jon did. For straight two weeks we were inseparable. We handled classes together. We went on swimming sprees with the 4th graders and basically hang out. I still have the freaking scar made by the exhaust of his motorbike during one of our "wild" rides. My best friends used to call that scar as "tatak ng kalandian"*. Jon was notorious for being a snob but during that summer he was not. He even went to do something as unsanitary as share his condiments (fish sauce and vinegar) with me.

Jon was no "first love" but he was tall and fair and good-looking enough and brainy enough for me. At church one Sunday morning, he borrowed my gold ring with the initial L. He wore and said he'd keep it for a bit. He gave me his ring with the initial J in exchange. Just like that we were "on" which did not last long for the rest of the "boys" from church started to tease us endlessly. Juvenile! Because I was basically "stupid and inexperienced" I must have said something negative about Jon or the relationship because the next thing I know, I was wearing my ring again.

A few weeks after I heard that Jon started to court Inya. She was my brother's first love. So brother and I shrugged our shoulders and went on with our lives.

Three relationships prospered that summer of 76. Liza got her prospect but eventually broke off with him. She said he was more beautiful than her. Cieny married the brother of Liza's prospect. Bibong never even got to first base with her prospect but the cousin of her prospect fell madly inlove with her which prompted her to get involved with Rosen, her husband now. Myrna set her sights on Rod but got his best friend, Anching, a better that choice. The only one who got her prospect - signed-sealed-delivered- was Marini. She married my brother. Hahaha.

I still see Jon and his wife when I attend church in Taytay. They have two kids, a boy and a girl. One of my girlfriends, a close friend of Jon's wife, said that Jon is a very strict dad and husband. One time Jon's wife went out with us to eat dinner in a mutual friend's house. By 8:30 P.M. Jon was already asking his wife what time she'll be home. By 9:00 P.M. Inya was getting ready to leave. In less than 10 minutes, Jon was there to fetch his wife while the rest of us stayed till past midnight. Jon and I would not have lasted. I'm a free spirit!

*evidence/sign of being flippant/a flirt

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Posted by desperateblogger On 3/02/2009 11:53:00 AM 8 comments


  1. naku, buti na lang di kayo nagkatuluyan. hehe!

    btw, ms lena. sa MOA sa sat di ba? di kaya kaloka ang traffic because of the Eraserheads concert?

  2. @ eMz: really? hindi ko alam yon ah. baka nga traffic. what time is the concert? kasi we'll meet naman around 2:30 pm. maluwag pa siguro yon

  3. 8pm pa yung concert. pero kung ibe-base natin dun sa previous one sa The Fort, naku, umaga pa lang traffic na.

  4. i'm excited to read the husband's love story!!!!

  5. Ahahaha....may tatak ka pala? Akala ko si husband na 'to when I read the part about the motorcycle....hehehe....


  6. @ renz: tinatamad na nga ako eh. =)

    @ huling: di pa. pero malapit na. lol

  7. waaaaah...i want the husband I want i wantttt!!!!
    bat tinatamad eh di naman boring ung story..laging may escapades!

  8. @ renz: teka lang. hey! i texted you last night. march 7 5:pm tiendesitas


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