Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today is my birthday. As always, I received numerous text messages and wall-to-wall greetings and comments from friends (and foes?). As always, I contemplate and ponder on what the last year has been like in terms of the different aspects in and of my life.

Kids: generally okay

Ethan: generally alright

Financial: needs improvement

Love life: what's that?

Hubby: next question please

selfworth: erratic but basically up there

health and weight: gosh! i need to lose weight... seriously!

blogging: okay but can definitely take in more improvement

Am I happy? I'm not sure but I know that I'm not really sad. Life has become one big wheel of expected events. Gone is the thrill of the unexpected in everyday living but I'm left, still, with the daily worries of everything and under the sun.

There's a big dinner party tonight over at my in-law's house. Great, you'd think, for the in-laws have thought of giving me a bash. Let me burst your bubble. The party is not for me. It's for my father-in-law. In 2001, my father-in-law decided to die on my birthday. From then on, my birthday is the day they remember his death. My birthday became insignificant for them. I always had to set aside any bash I plan for my natal day for the death anniversary took precedent. For them. Not for me. The last three years, I did not come over to "celebrate" with them. It's my dang birthday and I' d do what I want to do.

Angst and Emote are alive and well, especially today.

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  2. nyek parang wala sa lugar yung excitement ko sa birthday greeting kse emotera post pala itetch. tsk.

    don't worry so much ms lena, it's just one day. but then it would've been nicer if people also remembered that they should celebrate the living first before remembering the dead. tsk.

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Lena!!!

    hope that bday song takes your blues away :)

  4. @ eMz: thanks for the nice words. i've some nice people like you who remembered my birthday.

    @ wena: hahaha.. wow! complete! kulang na lang balloons and cake.

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    Mine was on Monday!! hheheh

  6. @ LadyJava: really? wow! belated. =)

  7. Happy Birthday to you!!!

    More wonderful years to come.

    I am up in 2 weeks too.

  8. I wish you a very Happy Birthday and you go and enjoy it the way you want to!

  9. I hope things turned around later in the day[?] or is that a wishful thinking?

    It's your birthday and you have all the right [and left] in the world to do whatever you want to do...and I sure hope you did.

    O diba parang galit pati ako.


  10. happy birthday te' Lena! okay lang yan! also may sama ng loob but okay din @ least you have everything in life specially your kids......wag ma-imbiyerna at bertday mo! masisira ang beauty!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Lena!
    Happy Birthday to you!!

    Oh ayan, kumanta na ko the way they sing happy birthday here. Ibang version naman yan ha. Hope that makes you smile. Seriously speaking, we have something in common pala. We were both born on March at pareho pang maganda...ahehehehe! Hope that makes you smile again!

    Debbie :)

  12. @ jade: thanks and advance greetings to you.

    @ duni: thanks! i did just that.

    @ huling: relax lang. huwag ka na magalit at okay na. lol

    @ mayette: ay nakooo.. nadagdagan na naman wrinkles ko...

    @ debbie: thanks! hahaha... oo kaya pala maganda at matalino ka e march ka rin pala!

  13. Hi Lena,

    Snow told me that you mentioned my name to her. Actually, we met during a blogging event. Since then, we became followers of each other.

    Anyway, Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!

    Sorry po, wala akong gift maliban sa dinagdag kita sa collection ko ng Pinoy blogs - A Salute to all Filipino Bloggers

    I can also add your friends if they like, as I only added you and Girl for all Status.

    They leave a comment on that post.


  14. Happy Birthday! If it were me, I wouldn't go to the in-laws either and I think they're being extremely inconsiderate of your feelings.

  15. I hear ye, I hear ye!!!

    ang bait mo nga, you joined them the first few years to commemorate a death as they decided to put aside the celebration for someone that is alive. pag ako pa yan, matagal na akong nawala sa sirkulasyon.

    cheers to more years of celebrating your birthday the way you please and the way you want it to be. All the best!!!!

  16. @ angel: thanks for the link that;s a great gift by itself. more power to you and your blog. hope your wife and daughter have regained their full health.

    @ lynne: i didn't! i spent my birthday the way i wanted.

    @ juliana: hahaha... glad i have you behind me. the first few years i accommodated their "request" thinking it would eventually die a natural death... it didn't! thanks for the wonderful wishes.


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