Monday, March 23, 2009

Summer is here! I can feel it with the sweat trickling down my back as I sit in front of my computer monitor located at the supposed-to-be coolest part of the house sans air conditioning - the basement. Ethan's school is officially over for 2008-09 though his reading therapy (as Ethan is dyslexic) will continue with a three-times weekly schedule. I chose to forgo with the regular summer program for Ethan in his school. I think the 3x weekly reading therapy is "academic" enough. I was actually considering enrolling Ethan in soccer but my girls and I conferred and it was a unanimous decision: hiphop dancing for the peacemaker this summer. The picture on the left was Ethan doing his own hiphop moves 3+ years ago. Isn't he just adorable? I miss the little-chubby-Ethan. Anyway, I've been itching to teach him the piano since two summers ago but his dyslexia got in the way. This summer, our hip-hopping dyslexic of a peacemaker will do the piano. Good luck to me.

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  1. goodluck mommy!!!yeah he's adorable -you can say that again and again and again.

  2. oh my gulay ang cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can sit herre for hours looking at that picture.....may video ba? hehehe....


  3. oh! i didn't know he was dyslexic. from books i read before it is a condition that the person thinks in pictures instead of words...something like that...he associates words with pictures in order to read them. so words like "apple" "table" is easy but they have difficulty reading words not associated with pictures like "and", "however"...well u probably know all that...i'm just crapping =/

    hope that his dyslexia improves! but actually i've read somewhere that dyslexic kids are actually smarter ^^

  4. My goodness, ang cute naman ni Ethan! Sarap kurutin at pisilin cheeks nya. Si Daniel payatot, hehe!

    We're going to the Philippines next month and we're dreading for the summer heat especially Daniel's skin is so sensitive.

  5. ang cute ni ethan sa picture... sarap kurutin :) i'm sure he will grow up armed with lots of talents like dacing, playing the piano, etc.

  6. Whoaaa!!!! Super duper cute Ethan!!!

    time flies! dati chubby hiphopper ngayon peacemaker hisopopphopper na!

  7. oh gosh, aside from being the peacemaker, he will become Ethan of Many Talents.hehe!

  8. @ tediber: lol adorable talaga...noon! ngayon tigas na ulo!

    @ huling: i'm sure there's a video. where? somewhere! i'm not in-charge of keeping pics and vids anymore.

    @ shu fen: yes. he's more hands-on and visual but he's really improving as he could read slowly now.

    @ debbie: happy birthday to you! we should meet when you come home here. it's hot here now. daniel might be overwhelmed by the heat. make sure there's an aircon to where ever you're going. don't forget the insect repellant and sunscreen lotion too.

    @ wena: ay sana nga. i guess you better start with your daughter too.

    @ renz: lol. sometimes i wish he's forever a toddler.. kasi yong ang "cutest" age...

    @ eMz: sana nga. i'll start the piano lessons in april, simultaneous with his hiphop and reading therapy. i've no vacation!

  9. who knows he will be one of the famous hip hop dancers someday...or pianist...let's wait and see~

  10. Hi Lena! Thank you so much for your warm birthday greeting. I agree, March celebrants are AWESOME! No doubt about that, hehe

    We really have to meet next month. Dana said that's a very good idea! We have to plan and arrange our meeting ok?
    Naku, that's exciting!

    I've listed alot of things that we'll bring for Daniel, hope he'll be fine.

    Debbie :)


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