Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cyndy was the nerdy-serious type. Grace was the "jock" as she was into sports especially basketball. Studying in an all-girls school makes one an expert in gauging who has the possibilities of being a belot. The word belot is a contraction of two words: bebot* and kelot*. The word tomboy, then, was synonymous with lesbian. We did not dare use such a strong word. We used belot instead. So, Cyndy and Grace were possible belots.

Writing love letters to a girl was easy. All I had to do was think of what I wanted to hear or read when being wooed. I wrote letters in the morning and asked some sophomore or freshman to deliver them. After a few pages of Snoopy stationery, I had them! Success! My classmates were successful too. Most chose freshies as they were easier to handle. It was hilarious to see my girly friends go "manly" for their victims.. errr, MUs (mutuals as in mutual relationship). Cyndy was more interesting for she was intelligent. She was into poems and short stories and indeed, quite talented in those areas. Grace was, well, pogi*! She was boyish and quite 'masculine' while her older sister was delicate, pretty and graceful.

It was hard keeping two relationships going more so because the two were of the same batch. All secrets were meant to come out in the open sooner or later. Boy! I had some real nasty tantrums to handle after the two discovered my two-timing modus operandi. Grace went out of the triangle and went "on" with a batch mate, Bubbles. Cyndy and I continued to be "on" until my graduation. Being "on" meant exchanging letters in school, talking during breaks, and maybe the occasional phone calls.

Graduation came. Yey! It was either Ateneo or UP. I chose UP. Little did I know that my high school relationship experiences were not enough to prepare me for the "real" world.

I have lost track of Cyndy. I never knew what happened to her. The last I saw her was in 1974-75. I found Grace through one of our high school networks. She now lives in LA and developed into a full-pledged "belot".
Justify Full

some of my former high school classmates
who went belots for a spell

*kelot - Filipino slang for male

*bebot - Filipino slang for female

*pogi - good-looking, manly

Posted by desperateblogger On 2/21/2009 08:33:00 PM 7 comments


  1. reading this was quite nostalgic! although i didn't really experience it myself -- i was always the one watching back then. hahaha!

  2. Now I can go to sleep.....hahaha....

    Baket parang ang payat mo ata dun sa picture? Ikaw yung naka red [?] di ba?

    Those were the 'short shorts at mid-riff top' days?


  3. @ eMz: hahaha... really? sayang sana you went for it just for the sake of experience.

    @ huling: yup that's me. that picture was about 4-5 years ago - back when i was a gym denizen and not a computer addict. i've gained a lot of weight and lost so much muscle tone. in my age, i don't know if i could go through the "regimen" again.

  4. Aha eto pa yugn story...Like emz, I was also the observer :) I was courted twice or three pero I didn't feel like doing it so...

    Grrr..I'm a nerdy jock. lol.

  5. naku, i was courted by 2 of the more popular seniors when i was in first year at ang nakakatawa pa dun, para syang status symbol. sikat ka at kinaiinggitan ka ng mga classmates mo. looking back, parang ang weird lang =)

    pero never ako nagkaron ng "on". ligaw lang sila at usap usap lang =)

  6. So I was right, you were the one in red, I knew it right away eventhough the picture was taken years ago na, bago pako pinanganak, hehe. But hey, you look great, flawless talaga!

    Maraming salamat nga pala for the warm birthday greeting for Daniel. Dana helped me in cooking and preparing all the food except the puto, suman and spaghetti who were brought by our dear friends.

    Have a great Monday Lena!

    Debbie :)

  7. @ renz @ cherry: lol, mga naligawan din pala kayo ng belots ha! baka naman they were just like my barkada, joke lang!

    debbie: wow! dana helped in cooking?! you trained him well! lol
    a great week to you too...


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