Monday, March 30, 2009

There's nothing more terrifying than the unknown. As I lay on the gurney at the Emergency Room with daughters # 3 and 4 hovering by my side, hubby a distance away, and daughter # 1 conferring with the ER doctors and neurologists, I thought "is this it?" I prayed hard not for myself but for my family. I prayed that they would be able to handle whatever is in store for all of us.

The two resident neurologists came over and did a series of tests. My elbow, knees and hands received a lot of boinking. I was asked to push, pull with both my hands, feet and knees. Great. I passed the boinking and the push and pull but not 100%. The doctors thought that I have some back nerves being pinched somewhere in my cervical spine region. I was asked to take off my watch, rings and sterling silver jewelry earrings in preparation for the X-rays.

I was wheeled to the X-ray room, with daughter #3 following. I was made to change into a gown which was freaking difficult because aside from the numbness on my left side I also had a IV on my left hand and an oxygen tubing in my nose. Daughter #3 helped and I was then taken to the X-ray room. I can't help but notice the spanking new machine - state of the art. I was then posed into various positions and angles. As each shot was made, I can see each X-ray result as a TV monitor was facing the X-ray machine. Bad architectural layout. What if the one being X-rayed was a medical professional who could more or less decipher an X-ray shot and that the X-ray proved to be "bad news?" I was straining to see the shot on the monitor looking for tell-tale signs of a lump or bump. Nothing. I was glad though that my bone is quite dense. No osteoporosis.

The verdict? Cervical Spondylosis.
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  2. Goodthing your family is with you. It would have been HARDER without them.


  3. It is always good to have your family beside you in times like that.

  4. "Bad architectural layout"....hahahaha.....natawa talaga ako dito kasi kahit maysakit ka your brain is 110%....

    Are you allowed to drive? Or are you on a 'forced leave'? hehehe


  5. agree ako kay ms.Huling! ako kasi nakikita pa ang mga mali sa paligid! yan talaga si te' Lena. Get more rest and itapon muna ang stress.

  6. Yes i agree w/ Mayette on stress. Let your mind relax. Maybe... meditate to calm your mind so that your body rejuvenates. Take care.


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