Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello! I'm still alive! I was confined in a hospital in Makati for three days. I thought the doctors would neve figure out was wrong with me, but they did, eventually.
Thank you
Angelwaya, ,Wena,Cherry,Huling,Juliana ,
Gorgeous Mum,eMz,Tricia,Renz,Joel, Splice,Blessed Mom
for wishing me well. Special thanks to Wena who even texted me.

After my 3K jog on Wednesday (March 25, 09) I took a bath, then propped myself in front of the computer to finish some researches. It was about 8:15 P.M. when I felt a numbness in my left arm that gradually spread to my back and side then my whole left side. I immediately asked daughter # 3 to call daughter # 1 to get her opinion. Take mom to the ER, now! said daughter #1. I was whisked to the local ER and had a neurological test and an ecg. Everything was fine but the doctors could not explain the one-sided numbness of my body. It was not actually a stroke for I could walk straight, talk straight and still had a pretty face! Gosh! even my face and head ( left side) were tingling. The ER doctor wanted to do a CT-scan. Fine. But the ER doctors were in a phone conference with daughter #1 and they all decided to change hospital - to where daughter #1 was doing her residency. Off we went to the other hospital and by 10:10 P.M. I was under a battery of tests and questions from ER doctors, neurologists, cardiologist sonologist ,radiologists, dietitians and more.

I had lumbar and cervical X-rays, ECG, CT-scan, doppler ultrasound, EMG, and all the other possible laboratory exams that they could possibly do to me. I must have lost a pint of blood because of all the lab tests. The tests took a day and half. Did the team of doctors found out was what wrong with me? Yes they did. I've had an episode of transient ischemic attack, cervical spondylosis, carpal tunnel (both hands!) and some degenrative plaque in a neck nerve.

Yah! I'm sick and I didn't even know it. I have meds for all the diseases and I'd like to think that the prognosis is good as we were able to diagnose the ailments early ( or is it?) . I am now in a low fat, low salt diet as my cholesterol level is just outrageous. I have gone back to jogging about a week ago but I guess that the exercise bit came too late.

Now, I have to adhere to my new diet, exercise and freaking expensive medicine. With my hubby's heart condition meds, daughter#3's anti-seizure meds and my meds... gosh I just don't know where to get the extra juice. Anyway, I know that the Lord will provide as has never failed me.

I'm actually feeling tired and my neck and shoulders are aching now. Better log off before daughter #1 catches me on line.
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/28/2009 08:58:00 PM 12 comments


  1. Hey! Great to see you back! At least nalaman nila kung anong problema. Ako eh isang mata lang di ma diagnose kung ano ba. I have to get that CT Scan din on Monday. Dapat nung Friday kaso ang hanep na lab ang mahal ng charge....mga buset sila. So naghanap kami ng mas mura....

    Ano ba naman ang nangyayari sa atin??? Signos na ba ng idad natin ito?

    Bat ma-byuti ka pa rin...ok lang lahat di ba?

    Take it easy. Mukhang blogging ang salarin ah kasi yun lang ang common denominator natin.....hehehe...


  2. Hi Mommy! glad to know that you are back... take a good rest and hoping for your speedy recovery.

    God Bless...

  3. Good to hear you're back but please take it slow. I'll continue to pray for you. Take care.

  4. hey, so glad to know you're home. ayan eh di stick to your diet na nga.

    kaya ako even if I sometimes feel bad going to doctors religiously dahil sa takot I go as they recommend. kaya lang, matigas pa rin ang ulo ko,because I eat as I please. I have no dietary restrictions naman kaya lang because I have high blood pressure which is under control, I take it upon myself to sort of watch what I eat. yun nga lang, hindi consistent.

    take it easy and ingat lagi.

  5. ikaw talaga ms lena, maysakit ka na pero adik ka talaga sa internet. hehehe

    thank goodness you're ok, so lay off the fatty stuff for a while. ^_^

  6. thank goodness you're back home and ok. we really must take care of our health, with all kinds of sickness popping out everywhere!

    your loving kids and hubby must have been really worried how a very energetic woman like you could get sick like that.

    just take your time, have a good rest and just blog when you can.

    take care always!

  7. Praise God you're okay. God will always provide. Don't test your limit, take it slow and follow your doctors' advise.

    I was worried and you are always in my prayers :)

  8. Glad to know you're back :)

    -Splice and Sheena

  9. Oh my, didn't know you were put to the hospital pala, late ako sa balita. We just got back home kasi from our trip to MO, umattend ng kasal, and we didn't bring our laptop so we were offline for few days. But i'm glad to hear you're back home and safe. Just follow your doctor's orders ( including your daugther #1 ) take more rest, and continue to pray.....everything will be fine.

    You're in our thoughts and prayers Lena!

    Debbie and Dana

  10. @ huling: i think my carpal tunnel was caused by decades of manual drafting. i use my hands a lot. i knit,cross stitch, play piano, and yes! computer!! kaya ayon.

    anyway i hope there's nothing gravely wrong with your eye. sobra talaga mahal and ct-scan and the likes.

    @ tricia: thanks for the good thoughts.

    @ joel: thanks for the prayers.

    @ juliana: i was so mad with my husband when he refused to stick with his diet after his angioplasty. now i understand why. =(.

    but i'm okay now with the diet. i'd surely slim down and that is a yes yes. kaya nga, we should all listen to what our doctors say (wink)

    @ eMz: o di ba? kelangan ng g clikcs eh. =)

    @ sheng: thanks sheng, you're such a dear.

    @ renz: aww.. you're such a sweety. thanks.

    @ splice: thanks! God is good.

    @ debbie/dana: salamat. everything would be fine as i've been diagnosed already. i've a lot of really expensive meds and i'm quite sure the Lord will provide as i've lots of friends like you praying for me. i still hope to see you here when you come over to Manila.

  11. huli ka! si d#1 mo, nasa likod! lol.relax relax ka muna dyan... :)

    take care and God Bless!

  12. I'm glad it wasn't the most serious thing possible, although, the others could also potentially be serious in a lifestyle changing sort of way.
    I also had CTS and experienced the same symptoms you did. It took some rest and relaxation (and just a few months of expensive pain relievers) to get over. I also had to take a break from typing too much. :-)


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