Monday, March 9, 2009

I don't normally blog about actors and actresses but when an actor turns actress, it's worth my while. BeBe Gandanghari is newly born - at least her persona is. If the real truth be told she (who was known as a he) is 44 years old this coming May. His..errr, her new name is shortcut for Binibining Gandanghari or Miss Beautiful King. I have no idea what the crap is Rustom...errr, BeBe trying to convey with the new name. I used to workout along side Rustom, BeBe, in one of the leading gyms in Alabang. Back then I knew he was gay for the "manly" gym instructors told me. I could not care less. He was separated from Carmina that time and I believed had her twins too. It was Robin Padilla, Rustom's brother, who captivated me. That Robin has one heck of a sex-appeal! Anyway, I wonder what Kuya Robin would say when he sees this picture.

BeBe Gandanghari

Did BeBe forget to shave? My oh my. Notice the mustache line.

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Posted by desperateblogger On 3/09/2009 09:42:00 PM 20 comments


  1. Huwaw, bonggang-bonggang glamour shot ito! ^_^

    off topic: ano nga pala ang url ni Ronna? ^_^

  2. He is such a SHAME!
    Shame to HIS family and to the male gender.

  3. Ay naku....dapat nagladlad na lang sya. He didn't have to go that far kasi parang comedy ang dating nya.



  4. Saw him (her) few times on tv via TFC and I couldn't help but say, sayang ang gwapo pa naman sya noon. But you know what? He looks like his ex wife Carmina, hehe!

    Have a wonderful week Lena!

  5. @ snow:

    @ anonymous: yes, well, for some they think that rustom's "coming out" was a brave deed.

    @ huling: precisely! he made gays look comedic. i thing he's mentally ill.. well i've read from different sources that homosexuality is a mental illness.

    @ debbie: hahaha...i really think rustom married carmina because he wants to look like her.

  6. i think he/she/it is schizophrenic. hehehe!

  7. I'm curious about Carmina's initial reaction upon seeing this photo, mas bongga na si BeBe!

    Friend, hope you can add my new photoblog to your blogroll, thanks!
    Blog Title: Mix Pix

    Reflections by Mariz
    Mix Pix

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. You can follow her tweets at


    Follow me on Twitter.

    cya there :)

  10. I read your post twice, got confuse with the name. I thought its rustom, well he is rustom right? Nung nagladlad siya sa PBB okay na yon, hindi pa nakuntinto, you're right he became a joke.

    thanks for the comment, your my first commenter.

  11. Why would someone do something like that? That just seems so wrong.

  12. while I miss the rustom padilla that I knew as a kid.....tons of ladies went crazy for him....I think it's a brave thing for him to admit that he's gay. it's not shame when you're being true to yourself. it was just unfortunate for him because he started out as a male hearthrob.
    quite intruguing indeed.

    great post....glad I stumbled upon your blog thru entrecard.

  13. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday Lena!

    Yan kahit wala sa tono kanta pa din ako....maligayang kaarawan po! Nawa'y makamit mo lahat ng ninanais mo sa araw na ito at sa mga darating na araw pa.

    Huliana aka Huling....

  14. Hey Happy Birthday Lena! ^_^

  15. @ eMz: hindi naman schizo, delusional lang!

    @ mariz: i thing carmina felt insecure lol. sure, i'll add your url to my blog roll.

    @ starmars: followed you. =)

    @ shybud: thanks for the fcc. you said it,hindi pa na satisfy sa pagladlad.

    @ cascia: i think bebe/rustom thinks that coming out that way he did was right. his motto now is "be whatever you want to be" - which is highly conflicting if you adhere to the laws of both men and God.

    @ marjie: thanks for the input.

    @ huling: ang tindi mo! hahahaha.. salamat po. okay naman kanta mo pero mas magaling pa rin syo si erica. for your birthday wish to me... AMEN!!!

    @ cherry: tnx.tnx. i've not done a bday post yet as yum has not taken a pic of my "favorite" gift for my bday. =)

    @snow: Thanks! =)

  16. is it what i think it is? hahaha. jusme, napaka-amateurish. kahiya...

    happy birthday again! =)

  17. @ cherry: yah! move over van gogh for another schizo. lol

  18. let's just let her be whatever she wants to be. i think that's fair enough. :)

    by the way, i'm not a bebe fan. not a rustom fan, either. :)

  19. There's a meet and greet with BB on March 14 maybe you want to come? I'll send you the sign-up in case you want there's still more slots open. Maybe you Emz, Cherry and Mike can go too :)

    Happy Birthday again :)

    The thing about the hubby for your birthday post was kinda funny :)


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