Monday, March 16, 2009

I am in a panic mode. I have not had opportunities for the past week! What has happened? I lost my PR 3 and when all has been said and done, it's all about PR after all. Panic! I have come to rely on this blog's earnings to pay for a better part of my household's and Ethan's needs. If this dry spell continues... I don't even want to think about it.

My brother said, recession is more felt in the US than ever. He said the government keeps on printing money without its equivalent in gold bullion. Bad. Bad. That's tantamount to "play" money. I guess a lot of people are in panic mode too as so many are being laid-off work, losing their homes, getting more deeply in debt ( ouch!), declaring bankruptcy and more. If only I could wave my magic wand and set everything right then there would be "world peace" ( no pun intended), financial liberty, greener world, and happier citizens of the world. We could all wish upon a star and hope for a miracle. But a better way to get our miracle is to "pray" for it. Have a fruitful and problem-free week ahead.

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Posted by desperateblogger On 3/16/2009 07:44:00 AM 7 comments


  1. Oo nga kakatakut yung ginagawang pag spend ng gobyerno ngayon....ginagastos ang perang wala naman.

    We're trying our best to lay low on gastusin...only buying the necessities but if we follow what they're saying..we should spend more daw ngayon. Hay....

    Yes, all we can do right now is pray, pray pray....

    Hope your week will be less stressful....


  2. I am actually anxious of what is happening in the global economy. I have this inclination to semi-retire from work this year as I am having some chronic-like stress at work but I can't possibly do it because of the bad economy. I mean, what if the costs of the staple needs would go up...hay kawawang budgeting...tsk..tsk..tsk..

  3. i'm worried as well -- looks like early retirement won't happen for a while in my case. tsk tsk.

    and yes, i've noticed that PR does prove important for sponsored reviews and i'm wondering when my site will get "punished" by google. sheesh.

  4. @ huling: hay buhay. i've come to rely on the blog's earnings for ethan's therapy and other needs. his mommy is still doing her residency and that means no "salary" yet. i just hope i get my PR back real soon as most of my opps depend on the dang PR.

    @ snow: majority of the world population is worried about the economy so i really get pissed when some of my neighbors throw good money away just because they could afford it. pissed or envious? lol! whatever!! =)

    @ eMz: let's all pray for worldwide economic recovery. in sept. 2008, i prayed that the price of gasoline would go down in the 20's by december 08. it did. the power of prayer is awesome. of course, it helped that there were millions of others praying for the same thing. =)

  5. Well this suckishly economy is gonna be like this for a long while. Let's tighten our belt with the budgeting and stuff. I wish mabawi mo young PR mo na ninakaw ni googlelol

  6. Ay naku, grabe talaga ang recession na yan. Recession = DEPRESSION!

    I have alot of friends here who lost their jobs, can't pay for their mortgages so they lost their homes. It's really sad, and alarming but I can't help but be grateful for Dana has a good job and we're doing fine. Basta we always keep our faith in our Lord, pray lang lagi, and ofcourse, save save save.... hindi ung kung may extra eh gastos dito gastos dun.

    Hope you have a great week Lena!


  7. oh i couldn't agree more with the comments above...recession is felt everywhere and almost by everybody...kelangan talga mag-tipid and find every means to survive...haaayyy...pati pagkain ng 2 aso namn kelangan tipirin..mahal yta ng dog food!

    nyways, hope ur PR gets back sooon! i'll pray with ya sistah!

    ingats! :)


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