Sunday, March 8, 2009

So! Where were we? I've been spewing angst and emotions these past few days that I lost my X-stories momentum. Now I'm finding it quite tasking to finish my X-series. I still have 3-4 stories to go.

Next week, comes my nth birthday. Yes. Nth. It has come to that point where asking my age is tantamount for being disrespectful. Yesterday, Cherry and I were supposed to have a joint birthday blow-out. She invited some blogger friends if hers and I, mine. We were expecting a big turn-out and we were both so excited. Ethan's fever was still in the 39's but I left him at home with daughter #3 (who was supposed to consult with her "little" patients but re-scheduled them instead so I can go ahead with my blow-out). The much-awaited-a-month-in-the-planning event proved to be a dud! Only one of the 9 other bloggers expected to come, came! Cherry and I appreciate you eMz!

In fairness, those who did not come expressed that they won't be coming due to some (unexpected) predicaments. Some texted me a day before. Some an hour or so before. And others, at the hour itself. If only I was told before hand that they won't be coming, Cherry and I could have postponed the affair and then I could have stayed home to care for Ethan. Sigh!

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Posted by desperateblogger On 3/08/2009 02:54:00 PM 9 comments


  1. Oh, I'm really sorry I wasn't able to join you guys yesterday. I didn't know it was supposed to be a joint birthday celebration. *sighs*

    Anyways, it was great meeting you and Cherry in person. Hope we could chat longer next time. Advance happy birthday!!!

  2. @ KCee: no problem. there'll be more gimmicks to come. i hope. thanks for the greet. =)

  3. you forgot MG and yummy were with us din. i had fun naman. kahit tayo tayo lang ata, tawanan lang gagawin natin. hehe...thanks for the gift pala. and would you believe, yun liit na yun, nagkasya sakin. =)

  4. @ cherry: onga!i forgot the two. masaya naman eh. sulit na rin lakad natin. may nakuha pa ko masterpiece! lol. kung nagkasya syo, ibig sabihin, sexy ka pa rin!

  5. Hey! Happy birthday! Like I always I wish andyan ako para makigulo din sa inyong mga lakad.

    How's Ethan na?


  6. Sorry for not making it. Our little boy came down with the flu and I too was under the weather. Happy Birthday.

  7. we're always not included sa kapihan ninyo dyan. I hope whenever I head back home, may scheduled kapihan kayo para makasali.

    Happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a blast even some didn't make it. I hope I can join you too guys when I am in the PH.

  9. @ huling! though advance pa greetings mo. makapag kakape rin tayo one of these days.

    ethan is still recuperating. hectic weekend as my son was sick too. hubby was quite irritated because i went out last saturday even if the two boys were sick.

    @ joel: oh i'm sorry to hear that. seems to be flu is on the rise again. hope you're fine now.

    @ juliana: basta tell me when you'll be visiting so i can organize a kapehan event for you.

    @ pictures and cultures: no problem. just drop me a note.


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