Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today I attended Ethan's graduation from kindergarten. His batch of 10 kids were all dressed to the nines for the occasion. The very simple moving up exercise was made highly special because of the very intimate but meaningful presentation. Each graduate had a short audio-visual presentation done by their teachers highlighting the year that was for each of them. The "speech" was given by Teacher Tere, the owner/directress of the school. The gist of her message was "parents should always be there for their kids because it is their rightful obligation and duty." Okay, so I was like "been there, done that" but at the same time I was teary-eyed.

Around me were young couples and some single parents in the threshold of something new. Their eldest or only child is ready to step into first grade this coming school year. Big step for their kids.Bigger step for the parents. More than ever, the parents would have to deal with "letting" go of their children. Their children will no longer be pre-schoolers. The kids will have longer school hours, more demanding school work, more responsibilities, more trials and of course, the inevitable disappointments and frustrations. The parents should ready themselves to the changes they need to adapt to be able to cope with their kids' growing needs and independence.

I was with daughters # 1,3 and 4. As I look at them, I thought "how quick time flies." Was it really 22 years ago that daughter # 1 had her kindergarten graduation? Here we are now, attending her son's kindergarten graduation. Have I come full-circle yet? Maybe. Maybe not. There were other grandparents present too but I do not feel affinity with them. They were just there as doting grandparents. I was there as Ethan's primary care giver, grandmom, comforter, tutor and driver. I bet they were not as proud of their grand kids as I was of Ethan.

So there I was, teary-eyed, thinking "Gosh! I've a long way to go!"

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  1. hi! just dropping by ^^ nice blog you have! keep up the good work! :D

  2. Congratulations! Unang apo pa lang yan....more apos to come [and graduation to attend] but I'm pretty sure this one will always hold a special place in your heart.


  3. Congratulations to Ethan! Time does fly, doesn't it? My oldest will be graduating high school this year and two moving on to elementary school. One more to go! :)

  4. oh, that's a touching one! i honestly admire how you handle your family. i like how close you are to everybody. i'm sure ethan will grow up to be a very fine gentleman because he have you around! such a lucky boy!

  5. congrats to Ethan on his graduation day! he is so lucky to have, the all-in-one grandmom :)

    yung nanay ko excited na rin. pano first time nya makaka-attend ng graduation of my sis' daughters on march27. yung isa honor student pa...

  6. Congrats to your little Ethan! ^_^

  7. @ shu fen: thanks for dropping by.

    @ huling: thanks. 18 years na lang, tapos na ng medicine si ethan! o di ba?!

    @ petula: congrats on your graduates. time really flies.

    @ sheng: thanks for the compliments. i appreciate it. =)

    @ wena: congrats too!

    @ snow: thanks!


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