Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ethan's kindergarten class had its last day of class March 13. On March 18, the kindergarten class, all 10 of them, will have their moving up ceremony. Yup! Ethan will be in first grade this coming school year. Ethan's dyslexia has become more manageable now. He started out in reading level 1 this school year and now he's in level 5. It might not be too impressive for a 6-year old kid, but for us, that reading level is tantamount to hurdling a great obstacle. Ethan would still be in the same school. The pre-school has now added a first grade level, still with a 5:1 student-teacher ratio. We'd think about moving Ethan to a bigger school when he becomes a little older.

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  1. ohhhh.. that's a big achievement indeed! When a child with dyslexia improves on his reading that's a big, big thing and I'm sure he's also proud of himself for this feat. :) You must be so proud of your little boy :)

  2. @ ate sienna: oh yes, we are all so proud that ethan could read now albeit slowly. with continued therapy, encouragement and support we hope and pray that he'd be at par with kids his age in no time at all. thanks for the thought.

  3. ang cute naman ni ethan with his glasses. gwen's moving up is this saturday. they're busy this week with practices etcetera.

    wala ngang opp gaano. kainis....

  4. Glasses pala yun...kala ko 'orangy' [instead na rosy] cheeks si Ethan eh.

    Way to go, Ethan! Your hardwork is paying off! I'm sure Ethan is very proud of himself! I miss seeing kids having their class picture taken...esp pre-schoolers.


  5. @ cherry: what will MG wear? there are preschools out there whose graduates wear togas! congrats to MG... long way to go... just thinking about it makes me tired...

    @ huling: the glasses are tinted yellow kaya jaundice look! lol
    the preschool will have a first grade next school year and ethan's staying. we'll think about moving to a big school later...


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