Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Monday and I'm slowly melting due to heat and boredom. Ethan is on his way to full recovery but I made him stay home still. I've yet to "make money" today. There's just "nothing" - if you know what I mean. Due to boredom and for want of something better to do and tweak, I made a donation button widget at my blog's side bar. I've always been curious about those donation buttons. Does anyone really donate?

My left upper arm is still sore. I and daughter # 4 had our free flu shots from Sanofi Philippines care of Nuffnang Philippines. It was held last Saturday at Max's tiendesitas. I had no plans of coming but two dedicated staffers or Nuffnang, Jing and Roanna, did not let up until I said yes. I was made to understand that only mother-bloggers with kids are invited. That two shots per blogger - mother and child. My online buddy Cherry was there with her daughter MG, 2 shots. A new found blogger-friend, Snow, was there too, 1 shot. Most of those present adhered to the 2 shots per blogger. Almost. I was surprised that there's one blogger who took her entire family- husband and kids - and had them all vaccinated. If only I was not such a strict rule compliant then I could have had my whole family inoculated and had them eat free friend chicken and veggie spring rolls.

Going back to the strict rule compliant thingy, I also make sure I keep my appointments. Having said yes to Roanna and Jing of Nuffnang that I'd be coming, I asked daughter # 3 to re-schedule her dental patients to Sunday so she could look out for sick Ethan. Well. That's who I am. I follow rules and keep appointments - unless of course something grave comes up that I can't possibly keep the appointment. I know. I'm ranting. Not really. I'm just bored.

First Commenter in desperateblogger's post is Tediber Online.

Posted by desperateblogger On 3/09/2009 03:54:00 PM 4 comments


  1. boredom kills.But be sure to kill them first before monday Morning.

  2. Hey Lenna it was nice meeting you! Gosh, my left arm is still sore up to now but I really enjoyed the presentation because I met you and Ronna.

    Too bad I wasn't able to join you thereafter as I need to do some chores.



  3. OT: love the template. it.I'm the first commenter.Gee thanks for that.Mommy!!

  4. Creative idea the flu innoculators had. Sorry your son is sick. And you are bored. Try checking out my blog and at least find you are in good company and maybe even some ideas for relieving boredom.


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