Sunday, September 7, 2008

My friend, Dr. Kim Pascual, is head of Operation Blessings Philippines an affiliation of The 700 Club. She told me that a matinee show of the currently running West Side Story at the Meralco Theatre will be for the benefit of OBPhil.

Would you like to come and watch? Kim asked.

Okay. Who will be playing Tony and Maria? I asked

Christian Bautista and Joanna Ampil.

Oh, so Christian Bautista does Broadway now. With daugthers # 3, 4 and Ethan we went to Meralco Theatre yesterday to watch the show. I saw several acquaintances from Taytay and we all exchanged greetings. As the theatre dimmed, I had mixed feelings regarding the show. Somehow I know that the direction would be good because of Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo and Gerard Salonga. Joanna Ampil would no doubt deliver too for she is a veteran of several Broadway shows abroad. Whar about Christian? I have not even heard one full song of his even on the radio and TV.

Christian Bautista as Tony was perfect! I was pleasantly surprised by the range and timbre of his voice. His youth and enthusiam as Tony was projected to the audience. I just love the way he sang Maria and One Hand, One Heart. If a voice could carress, his did. His acting was believable.I am now a converted Christian Bautista fan. Joanna Ampil was just great! I didn't know she was a coloratura soprano. She was hitting her high G's, A's and B's in perfection. She showed such virtuosity in her craft. We went backstage after the show and caught on Christian for pictorials. My daughters and I were introduced to Christian and I said a lot of la-di-da-bla-bla and made beso-beso ( kiss cheek to cheek) ! LOL! We had the OBPhil official photographer for the shoot so I'll wait for the prints. We talked some more then we had to say bye-bye for he still needs to rest for his gala performance. Christian said West Side has about 20 more shows scheduled. As we left the backstage Kim said that Christian is the OBPhil ambassador and that he has been active in helping out the organization. Nice guy, actually.. talented too. Wouldn't mind him for a son-in-law.

BTW, you just have to see West Side Story. It is running at Meralco Theatre until October.

Posted by desperateblogger On 9/07/2008 10:51:00 AM 6 comments


  1. I wouldn't mind him for a boyfriend LOL! Seriously, I think, he's a very good singer and I'm quite interested to see his show. I've seen Joanna Ampil in Miss Saigon and she's quite good too. by the way, just asking for favor to change my blog's URL here on your blogroll as it is now Thank you:)

  2. lol! that makes two of us! ok with the url change.

  3. Hey...

    Grabe...kilig to the bones ba?? hahaha....natawa naman ako sa beso beso.

    Anyway, I won't be blogging much kasi I noticed that my 'income' is not getting better with me always refreshing trying to see kung meron bang opps na worth to spend time writing.

    I'll do my work muna at balik side ang blogging....nakaka adik grabe.


  4. what do you mean by that? hindi ka na online everyday? ako rin e, i have an interior due last week, eto hindi ko pa rin ginagawa. grabe, inuna pa kasi blog kesa sa hanapbuhay. sige, i'll be around.. naka antabay.

  5. That's the problem...I'm always online so I tend to go hopping and/or checking for now. I am doing some work but I can't help but check blogs...hay....

    Gotta go...I need to go to a BA [Blogoholic Anonymous]...


  6. same here... addicted to blogging


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