Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It was June 1963. Or was it July? I really can't remember. It was the first day of school and six-year old me walked all the way to the local primary school. I was to be in grade one! Back in those days mothers don't hang around school. In my hometown, kids walk to school by themselves. If one's house is not within walking distance from the school, one takes a motorized tricycle. No school bus.

My grade one teacher was a relative of my mother. Therefore I was given the best seat in the classroom. Some of my classmates from our church's kindergarten class were also there. As I looked about the classroom, one boy caught my attention. He had fair skin, dark hair, and beautiful eyes. He looked neat and clean too not like some of the boys in the room whose noses needed cleaning - Not my neat and clean object of curiosity.Let's call him Roger.

He lived in the big white house across the school. He was the youngest in the family and his siblings were batch mates of my older cousins. All through grade one, I think my eyes always strayed on Roger's face so much so that my teacher finally decided to sit him beside me. After school, we hang out by sitting on the low concrete fence of their yard. The fence must have been teeming with streptococci for in one or two occasions, I developed boils on the part that touched that dirty fence. The boils were painful. There were no antibiotics then, only penicillin based medications that I was allergic to. My father finally forbade me to stop hanging out by that fence. My budding feelings were cut short due to a boil.

Roger and I remained classmates until grade 4. For the next two years I still saw him around the school. In high school, I've totally lost track of Roger. However in 1976, we once again crossed path at my aunt's wake. My childhood friends were also there and they were excited for me as they knew that Roger was my first crush. Gosh! I said, that was eons ago.I was then requested to sing a Vilma Santos-Fernando Poe Jr. theme song. I obliged. I sang Bato sa Buhangin. Mid-song, Roger decided to join me to the excitement of my amigas. I was "loveless" that time and I thought "What the heck? Why not?!" But as I looked into his dark tantalizing eyes, the magic of 13 years ago was long gone.

Last I heard he and his family migrated to Australia.

Posted by desperateblogger On 2/04/2009 09:49:00 PM 9 comments


  1. katuwa naman, naalala mo pa to including the boils. can't wait for more stories...=)

    a {GIRL for all status
    tales of a pinay single mommy
    1716 South
    Garage Sale

  2. Fate works wonders...She gave you boils to say Roger is not the one..I wonder what else 'fate' gave you to the other ones! :)

  3. "But as I looked into his dark tantalizing eyes, the magic of 13 years ago was long gone."

    so poetic! XD

  4. @ cherry: funny, but every time i'm reminded of roger i associate him with pigsa and bato sa buhangin.

    @ renz: you wouldn't want to know. lol

    @ eMz: hahaha. poetic bang ano?!

  5. ahahahaha....ang the series starts!! Ilang chapter kaya ito? Magkakasya kaya sa buwan ng mga pusod..este puso? Abangan ang MGA susunod na kabanata!

    Siguro if you wrote 5/day baka magkasya sa Pebrero....hehehe....

    Si Roger, bow! Yun ang title ang chapter 1....maryosep makukuba ako sa kaka bow...


    PS...tawa ako ng tawa nung binabasa ko to..sabi ng anak ko...what are you laughing about?

  6. kakatuwa naman. ma post ko din kaa yung first crush ko :) hindi kaa ako batukan nang asawa ko? hehehe.

  7. @ huling: wish ko lang hindi mabasa ng mga anak ko ang series na to.kasya naman sa pebrero lahat mhin ko. lol. sasabay-sabayin ko na!

    @ shiela: sige do your crush post. i've no worry re my hubby - he doesn't go near the computer much less read my blog.

  8. aliw malamang habang sinusulat mo to kinikilig kilig ka pa ano hihihihi:)

  9. @ earthlingorgeous: ika nga ni ate kuh ledesma,"i remember the boy but i don't remember the feeling anymore" lol


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