Friday, February 20, 2009

Studying in an all-girls school had its pros and cons. Pros: there were no boys to distract us from our studies. Cons: there were no boys. The only chance for us to meet boys were through school soirees that I was not allowed to attend. No regrets though as I would have probably ended up as a "wall flower" - the clinging variety. I was just so plain unattractive and fat. Of course I didn't know that then. I was my usual confident,happy and cocky self. I was in the honor roll and in numerous school clubs. The only crushes I had then was with Cocoy Laurel and my brother's friend Roy.

In an all-girls school, a girl/girl relationship was an accepted norm. Most of these relationships were harmless for they were more about "friendship" than "lustful" love. I was in awe of juniors and seniors who courted freshies and sophies. Gay and same sex relationships were still quite taboo in mainstream society. Anyway, my friends and I were not into it.

However, life is too short.

As Seniors, we ruled the campus. We were the presidents, editors, chairpersons and point persons of every organization in the school. Freshies and sophies worshiped the ground we walked on. So, we thought: It's our last year in high school and we're still neophytes in girl/girl relationships. On that fateful day in August 1972, a month or so before Martial law was declared, my group of friends - the top 10 or 12 of the graduating batch- made a pact to "victimize" high school freshmen or sophomores. I chose two sophomores: Cyndy and Grace.

Posted by desperateblogger On 2/20/2009 12:53:00 PM 9 comments


  1. hala! ano kaya yun..
    hmmm.. interesting...

  2. hohoho! ume-eksayting na! XD

    i agree that the girl/girl relationship is common in all-girl schools (not that i have any experience.ehem).hahaha

  3. to everyone: teka lang. part 2 coming.=)

  4. Asan na yung Part 2? Di ako makakatulog nito hanggat di ko nababasa yung part 2...teka may Part 3 ba?


  5. Parang pelikula ah...may suspense! :)


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