Friday, December 5, 2008

Ethan's last day of school before Christmas break is on December 12. Quite early, really. There will be no class Christmas party because the "party" will be the program that the kids have prepared. No party means no potluck - no cooking for me. Having five kids sure put me through a lot of Christmas party potlucks and gift buying for Kris Kringle Christmas parties sure have come a long way. I can't even remember the ones I had when still in school. Oh wait! I do remember the Christmas party I had when in grade four.

I remember coming in late for the party. Mama was in Divisoria raking money from her retail because of the season. I came home for lunch and to change clothes for the party. I wore straight-cut jeans, tight-embroidered blouse and boots. My attire was the essence of the 60's hip and my public school classmates were in awe. My crush, Roger, was in awe too. As all public schools go, of course, there was a Miss and Mister Christmas Party or something. Guess who won? Moi! "Syempre!"(of course). Roger was Mister Christmas party and everyone hooted and screamed. Juvenile! Anyway, I've racked my brain and I can't remember what we ate that day. Short of being called psycho, I actually texted my amiga and asked her what we ate at our grade four Christmas party. Gosh! She was mean as she texted back: " Amiga, you're one crazy old woman. Who the heck remembers what one ate 40 years ago? Sleep on it." Ummm... I wonder where Roger is now.
Posted by desperateblogger On 12/05/2008 10:02:00 PM 3 comments


  1. 5 kids? Holy smokes. Good thing there's no pot luck school party.

    I've been trying to remember a Christmas party from when I was a child and can't. Since I've been an adult, my parents throw a big C-party every year. Good times.


  2. Hahaha....Roger is probably bald by now, eh? Hahaha.....Grabe ang porma mo nung Gr.4. Lisensyado ba yung boots mo kasi mukhang deadly weapon eh....hehehe.

    Musta ang weekend?


  3. davida: actually i had years and years of potluck Christmas parties =)

    huling: parang james bond yong boots ko... licensed to kill.

    lol! baka hindi lang ulo kalbo kay Roger.

    i attende the sonys first ekek where i submitted a contest piece. i won 1st runner up.


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