Sunday, February 15, 2009

My papa and mama watched movies for a date. The premiere movie theater in 1968-69 was the New Frontier Cinema in Cubao, Quezon city. It was the first ever cinema to have an escalator and centralized air conditioning in the Philippines. Friday nights were movie nights for my parents. On some occasions, they took me with them. There were two movies that I watched back then that impressed me. The first one was Franco Zefirelli's 1968's Romeo and Juliet and the second one was 1970's A Man Called Horse. The first movie starred Richard Harris and Romeo was the virtually unknown Leonard Whiting.

Yes. I had a huge crush on Richard Harris but it was nothing compared to the love I had for Leonard Whiting. I slept, are, dreamt, thought of Len Whiting. At age 11, I was contemplating of going to England to look for my "Romeo". I was desperate for a picture of Leonard Whiting. There was no way to procure one except to cut pictures from teen magazines and news papers. In high school, I was still faithful to Len Whiting for it was his name that I wrote in slumbooks: "Who is your crush?" Len Whiting.

Years passed. Richard Harris, a real brilliant actor, became Dumbledore. He has passed away and the Harry Potter movie series is just not the same without him.

Richard Harris

Whatever happened to Leonard Whiting? His movie career never really took off. He was out of the movie scene by 1975. I wonder how he looks now.

Leonard Whiting

What the hell happened to the beautiful face of Len Whiting? He's about 58-59 years old now. Old and.. well, not pretty?
Posted by desperateblogger On 2/15/2009 08:51:00 AM 3 comments


  1. i still remember new frontier. before kase, cubao talaga ang parang greenbelt ngayon. ali mall pa nga kame lagi. i don't remember my crush in the 70's kase mejo parang c gwen pa lang ako nun. but i do remember having a crush on scott baio of zapped movie. =)

  2. egadz, i used to crush leonard whiting in romeo and juliet -- guess not everyone ages gracefully in hollywood. yuck.

  3. I only know him as Dumbledore....and yes, HP movies are not the same with him gone.



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