Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What do you know, today is the 23rd anniversary of the People's Power Revolution of 1986. After 33 years, what's different? Principle-wise, nothing! Our local and national leaders are still inept and corrupt, majority of them, that is.

I was 29 years old during EDSA 1. My three girls then were aged 5.5, 4.5 and 2.5. They were too young for me to take them to EDSA. I so wanted to go and be one with the Filipinos in ousting Ferdinand Marcos. Then in January 17-20, 2001 EDSA 2 happened. Again, the Filipinos had it with Joseph Estrada. The Pinoys wanted Erap out and GMA in. Concerned Filipinos were trooping to EDSA while concerned parents were trying their best to keep their children safe at home. Not me. I missed EDSA 1. Surely I won't be as crazy to miss EDSA 2.

Getting away from my hubby was easy enough as he was out golfing that day, January 19, 2001. I told the kids to dress in black for we were going to rub elbows with fellow patriots. Getting there was easy enough. I took the then new C-5 route - no traffic. I parked in one of the parking lots in Ortigas Center and the kids and I started to walk into the heart of the "revolution". Fun! I saw a lot of church mates and friends from Taytay. I also saw several under-aged nephews who went to EDSA without their parents' blessings. Each and everyone begged to "please do not tell my mom". No problem. We had pictorials galore, shook hands with GMA, listened to a lot of political crap then ate at Pizza Hut.

L to R: D1, D3, me, D4, Nephew, My son

D4, D3, My son, D2 and Me

EDSA 1 was the outcome of 14 years of Martial law. It was the culminating event that was further pushed forward by Ninoy Aquino's death. EDSA 2 was illegal in a sense. EDSA 3 was.. there is no such thing.

As Ninoy said "The Filipino is worth dying for." Can the same thing be said now? I don't know. Let's just hear it from Kris Aquino. Deal or no Deal.
Posted by desperateblogger On 2/25/2009 09:13:00 PM 6 comments


  1. It's been 33 years since the first one? Oh my! I was in 2nd yr college nun. I wasn't able to go to the place itself kasi neneng nene pa ako nun and I didn't know anything about Manila but I remember sitting by the sidewalk sa UN waving a flag sa mga papunta sa Mendiola. I went to the first anniv though with my dorm mates....grabe ang tao...ang dami!


  2. I was an activist back then, almost missed it as I was able to escape an ambush a few days before. In the mornings, I would call my contact in Malacanang to check if the Marcoses had left. I would go to Camp Crame in the afternoon to distribute food and drinks. to the people in the camp. EDSA 2 is one I regret joining. Nick Joaquin's interview with Mike Arroyo unmasked how they manipulated the people into ousting Erap. I'm not an Erap fan but I think every decent Filipino should revisit EDSA 2 and find out how we were hoodwinked by the Arroyos.

  3. @ huling: not 33, 23 pala. my bad! at least you were able to go to the first anniv.

    @ joel: uy! you're "makibaka" pala. =) true. i too feel sorry for participating in the great arroyo shenanigan.

  4. i didn't go to Edsa 2 because my parents took me to the first one and I thought i've had enough fun. hehe! i was content to watch it on tv, but I was there in spirit. ^_^

  5. @ eMz: ay mas luka-luka pala nanay mo kesa sa akin. at least ako mga teeners na nga anak ko ng dalin ko sa EDSA revolution. ikaw pala ay naka pampers pa dinala na!!! =)

  6. naku ms lena, napasubo lang kme kse wala daw kaming masakyan pauwi galing paraƱaque. so alay-lakad ang drama ng pamilya namin nun! hahaha!


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